Tuesday , February 7 2023

Mayangsari's reaction has a Jengkol souvenir from Bambang Trihatmodjo.


TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Mayangsari exhibited souvenirs from her husband, Bambang Trihatmodjo, from her personal Instagram. In response to Mayangsari's comments, the son of Suharto has just returned from his Palembang in South Sumatra to his friend.

But Bambang is a typical Palembang pempek brought to Mayangsari, not jengkol. However, the jengkol that Mayangsari showed in his post is different from the normal jengkol.

Usually the Bambang migration is actually small if the jengkol has a large round shape and a wide brown color. The shape looks even monochrome black and candy. It seems Bambang originality that made him buy for Mayangsari.

Mayangsari was surprised to find another form of jengkol. Different, but the aroma released by the Cycle is still unique.

Mayangsari said on Wednesday (10/31) in his photo, "I swear I saw the form of jengkol turned out to be such a man, but it did not seem to shake."

Mayangsari also added that jengkol is not his favorite food. This mother of one child prefers petai. "Kl akyu sihh is satisfied with her pethhhhhh." Mayangsari closed.


Author Kristyya Dica Handa Yanyi

editor Pandit Liedra

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