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Kusumo, legend of "Lovebird" who bought Rp.2.2 trillion


KLATEN, – Kusumo, lovebird legendary Sigit, a resident of Jambakan Village, Bayat Sub-District, Klaten, Sintra Java, died on November 19, 2018.

Despite his loss, Sigit said he had no reed lovebird His property was offered Rp.2.2 billion died.

He reports, Kusumo died shortly after he was bathing.

"There is absolutely no regret. For me Kusumo is more than normal lovebird, "Sigit has been confirmed Kompas.comOn Friday (11/23/2018) night.

Sigit told that all this time Kusumo had never been sick or had a disease. Kusumo's death stabbed him very much.

"That night I came home from Jogja, kusumo I brought to my side, after I sat there, sit quietly in pendapa. want to from & # 39; ka, come to know as you want Come over, "he said.

According to Sigit, Kusumo's behavior was a sign or message against him before he died.

"I love it, Kusumo, hang, I think it's going to sleep bablas (dead), "he said.

Purchase of Rp loan of 2.2 billion

It's so special, Kusumo is offered by one of $ 2.2 billion Rp. Sigit, however, refused the offer to Kusumo to become part of life.

"For me, Kusumo has become part of my life, within bundles that can not be judged by rupiah," Sigit said.

Sigit said, there were many memories with Kusumo. According to him, Kusumo has given him great pride, often he has won all songs in the singer race.

"There are more than 400 first place winners, each of the following different bird races event regional and national, "said the candidate for a member of the Indonesian Parliament in the Central Java Electoral District of this PKB.

Suggests that he had sought Kusumo to keep the bird still small. He bought shrubs lovebird It's a brand.

He loves Kusumo with love and attention.

In fact, to make a good sound, Kusumo is always fed into the form of spinach leaves and ginseng leaves.

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