Sunday , August 14 2022

Kris Hatta's attorney will prove to be the culprit of the documentary counterfeit.


Jakarta, – Lawyer Kriss Hatta said he would prove who faked Kris and Hilda Vitria's marriage papers.

Previously, Kris was reportedly named as a suspect in connection with this incident.

This is by Indra On Sunday by phone (11/11/2018).

"Indeed, at eight o'clock yesterday, an investigator met me and submitted Kriss Hatta resolutions to suspects involved in document falsification, but it was true that Kriss Hatta was identified as a suspect," Indra said.

"We will also clearly explain the forgery of the document and actually explain who forged it.

According to Indra, there was a third person who helped Kris manage the wedding files of Kris and Hilda at the time.

"In the report, we will refute him as a suspect, and later prove that he has forged a letter," Criss Hatta said, "because he needs to know, he is converted and there is a third party."

"If you test the fake to test whether it is fake or not, we will test it."

Indra and Kris will come to Metro Jaya Regional Police tomorrow to provide more information. At the same time, he reported that he would also conduct BAP in cases of adultery and defamation.

"And tomorrow we will immediately go to the Metzaya Local Police Officer." BAP is also an example of adultery in the case of the ITE Constitution reported by Nikita Mirzani, Billy Shafutra and Hilda. "

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