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Jerinx SID, reveals the & # 39; attacking & # 39; via Vallen. Playing with the victim tackles the reputation issue.


TRIBUNSOLO.COM – Superman Is Dead reveals why the drummer (SID), Jerinx, and Vallen's knife are attacking.

According to Jerinx's description, upload to Instagram account and explain. @jrxsidOn Monday (11/12/2018), Vallen Via surged and of course this work was done because it has a big impact on dangdut music.

Jerinx said he would bring other people's songs and awaken other singers to destroy the essence of the song.

He likened SID to his experience when he was banned from performing because he refused to reclaim Benoa Bay.

Other bands refusing landfill have made their career progress smoothly.

Even so, SID does not worry because it already has a loyal market.

He emphasized that the man from Balinese did not do it for material reasons.

In fact, he refused to be a musician trying to buy his song.

Jerinx reveals that he only wants consciousness.

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