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IG answers via Vallen & # 39; Spray & # 39; Jerinx SID


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – dangdut singer, Via Vallen (27), finally opening his voice towards the drummer's spray. Superman is dead. (SID), Jerinx.

Previously, Jerinx had access to the Instagram account, jrxsid, Has raised various objections to copyright infringement. In his uploading, I was rebuked by the original musician Gede Ari Astina. VV originally sang the song of Superman 's Dead. Sunset in anarchy.

Later, Jerinx was referring to Vallen, the singer who originally intended to be VV. The reason is because the official song singer of the Asian game got a reputation. One of them is that the song of SID is sang with the rhythm of the imposing nose.

Vallen responded to the & # 39; bug 'of Jerinx via Instagram with a similar social media account he owned.

Via's introduction to Jerinx's reprimand said that he was photographed on the telephone records and in the Instagram account. "I do not know why I should explain this, but I hope I can correct some things that I think are wrong." viavallenSunday (11/11).

The woman, whose real name was Maulidia Octavia, asked why she only had difficulty covering others' songs.

"First, if you do not like the songs you used to sing on stage with all modesty, I apologize to SID owner Mas Jerinx. Water subtraction mas with the rhythm of dangdut music that ruined the spirit of the song. I'm sorry again from the bottom of my heart. My music genre has no intention of ruining another person's song. "Via wrote in the first screenshot.

Via stressed that the SID song "Sunset in Tanah Anarki" was not officially recorded and was never circulated by a label that protected it. He insisted that he did not know there was a karaoke DVD or VCD of the song, which was finally commercialized by a third party.

"My question is VCD, pirate or official VCD?"

"As far as I know, every time you get out of the water, some organizers Video shoot. I sang only on stage, and as far as I know the document is for their personal collection. I do not know anything about being commercialized via vcd or youtube, "Via said.

Via also repeated that she never got results for every documentary recording commercialized by a third party.

According to Via, you can not prevent that DVD on behalf of a pirated VCD / DVD. But when it turns out that there is a label that officially creates a song, he does not feel squeaky and does not buy cassettes, VCDs or DVDs, so he treats them daringly.

Vallen felt that he did not accept the statement that he had abundantly stolen the song.

"I apologize for being wrong because you are singing your song on stage without your permission, but I'm sorry, but I just do not feel like stealing your song because I sang on stage. Water subtraction And by now this song will still be clear to you. "Via explained.

"If I steal, I will acknowledge that the song is my song, but I have never acknowledged the work of others here as my work."

<img src = ""alt =" Vallen through IG posts "Jerinx SID Spray", a Balinese punk rock music group composed of Jerinx (drums), Eka Rock (bass) and Bobby Kool (guitar / vocals) /> Superman Is Dead (CNNIndonesia)

Via also stressed that YouTube did not receive a rupiah from the audience's results.

"If there is any doubt about this statement, I immediately go to the YouTube site in Indonesia and ask for the truth about my YouTube account," Vallen Official via Vallen Official. "My goal is through & # 39; Vallen Official & # 39; "I am going to re-upload the song to upload to YouTube," he said.

Vallen asked Jerinx to be more polite to rebuke him after his explanation. That is, I did not write directly to the woman or write a complaint about the inappropriate language for the woman.

"Respect the woman because she is the woman who gave birth to you. If you think again that my actions are wrong, I apologize," concludes Vallen.

After that, Jerinx was reluctant to apologize for writing the words Vallen Vallen felt unappreciated as a woman.

"I have to apologize for what I call a prostitute, but if I put the faithfulness of that person as a prostitute, I do just disgraceful things for the money written as a prostitute," said President Jerinx's statement through the Instagram account. jrxsid.

Even so, Jerinx appreciates Vallen's apology.

"It is good for VV to apologize, I forgive, I will not get up again, I want to learn other musicians, I can not tolerate eating other people's songs, especially without the author's permission," Jerinx wrote.

"Providing work to the spirit / mempasupati requires a very personal long process," he continued.

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