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I agree not to use the babysitter, Chicco. Jerikho asks Princess Marino to focus on her child.


I agree not to use the babysitter, Chicco. Jerikho asks Princess Marino to focus on her child.

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Celebrity couples Chicco Jerikho and Princess Marin are now concentrating on taking care of Surinala Carolina Jarumilind, the first lover to be only two months away.

I have agreed not to use the services of a babysitter or a babysitter, so they are always working together to take care of it all the time.

Chicco Jerikho and Princess Marino often want to see the growth of Surinala from time to time.

As far as possible for your child's work, they all do it on their own.

It is also the first experience to raise a daughter in marriage on March 3, 2018.

So Chicco Jerikho advised Princess Marino to focus on babysitting and childcare rather than accepting jobs two months after giving birth.

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Nevertheless, he does not limit his wife's workspace.

"For me it does not matter. Accept the job. But it is clear what the child is for." ChicC Jerikho said on Sunday (November 18, 1918) when the grid met at Senayan City in central Jakarta.

Chicco Jerikho, however, did not deny that the film offer for his wife still continued.

But both focus on the baby and spend a lot of time.

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"Since the delivery of the film is for the time being to my daughter, now that I care for my children, everything is a problem for breastfeeding and I have to look after my children," said Chicco Jerikho.

As previously known, Surinala Carolina Jarumilind was born on September 24, 2018, and Princess Marino was born in Jakarta after being pregnant for several months.

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His parents have long been born healthy and healthy in the world. (Grid.ID/Siti Sarah Nurhayati)

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