Saturday , February 4 2023

Eggi Sudjana was called SBY Sissy Politics.


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Politicians (PAN) Eiji Sujana I did not agree with the Democratic governor. Susilo Bambang Yudenoyo Who said that after the DKI Pilgub in 2017, the SARA political issue has been strengthened.

Eggi said that in fact, the 6th President of Indonesia has often taken feminine actions at all the political stages taken since he did not determine the direction of support and considered himself neutrally.

"I do not agree with SBY's view, and if you follow SBY's view, it will be depressing, it is not clear," said Eggi in Jakarta after writing a Sunday (11/11) seminar.

When Eggi was a political demon of silence, he often took a neutral attitude taken by SBY.

"Neutral Sun Mahone is a demon from the standpoint of monotheism, but it is dumb, but still a demon." (SBY) does not say that it is a demon. If politics is essentially hit, it's a matter of attitude. "

Eggi said that identity is clearly needed in politics and in human life. So according to Eggi, SBY had to point out his political direction in advance.

On the other hand, if SBY calls for the existence of SARA politics or identity politics, it is only a matter of perspective. Eggi, who called for the emergence of SARA politics, made clear that SBY had a clear identity in deciding his choice.

For example, when SBY backed Prabowo in 2014, he clearly wanted it, but now his identity is not so clear, "Eggi said.

Previously, Susy Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) Democratic chairman said that Indonesian politics has changed as identity politics has increased.

This was communicated when SBY reported to Democratic candidates in his speech. He said political change occurred after 2017.

"We dare to say that our politics has changed," President Bush said in Jakarta, Jakarta on November 10 (local time). "Identity and SARA politics are being introduced and politics is heavily influenced by ideology." (tst / sur)

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