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INDOPOS.CO.ID – The discord between singer Dewi Perssik and her niece Rosa Meldianti is heating up. Previously, they disgraced each other through social media and disgraced each other.
This time with a friendly greeting, we decided to take him into the realm of law. The 32 – year – old singer handed the case to the authorities. Saipul jamil's ex-husband reported Rosa Meldianti to Metro Jaya Regional Police.

His lawyer, Hotman paris, and Rosa Meldianti, are layered. Defamation, Article 27, paragraph 3, Article 310 and Defamation Article 311 of the ITE Act.
The threat of punishment is a four-year prison, "said Dewi Perssik, a lawyer at Hotman Paris Hutapea, after reporting to the Metros Jaya Regional Police.

Hotman Paris said that Dewi Perssik's nephew considered social media as undermining their reputation.

"Instagram has been suspected of defamation, part of Dewi Persisk's body part, KW (fake), and secondly, L is the third (Rosa's) family that never finances. "Explained Hotman Paris.

Depe, meanwhile, argued that he did not intend to imprison his niece. But because of his attitude, he made himself a corner. Legal action is one of the most appropriate ways to deter nephews.

"There is no intention to redeem our brothers and sisters, but we are taught that parents can not educate their brothers and sisters."

When the policy returned, Depe was not afraid. Rather, Depe prepared several pieces of evidence to reinforce his report. "We have a lot of evidence because we have so much, there are many things we can not care about," he explained.

He also claimed that the evidence had been submitted to the authorities. "If you do not care, do not justify any means.If you want to be an artist, if there is such a rich case, it will be emulated by another generation.The artist is really easy: connecting elderly people or simply Hotman flies "Dewi explained.

Dewi Perssik insisted that he kissed the strange signs of the nephew for a long time before deciding to form a dispute by law. Dewi Perssik says her close nephew Meldi wants to use it. Besides, Melody wants to be an artist.

When Dewi Perssik met in the Cikini area of ​​central Jakarta, he said, "His motivation is as if his mother wants to be an artist." Everyone's fate is different and can not be enforced. "

This also calls Meldi a dissident. "For example, another sibling needs 10, 15 or 20. I do not want to be fair, even if I buy things for eight nieces and nephews, it applies equally to everyone, either babies or high school .

According to Depe, his nephew can destroy Karie, who has been awake for 15 years. For this reason, Dewi insisted on reporting to the authorities. Meley 's parents apologized.

"I am not, imagine that there is a child who will continue to pay for my family, and suddenly I like airplanes like me," Dewi said wildly.

Previously Rosa Meldianti claimed to have been disappointed with Dewi Perssik, who did not follow her promise. According to Rosa, the best woman, Depe, promised her to enter orbit as an artist. But these days, two people are involved in social media disputes. (fck / ash)

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