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Comments on Rico Simanjuntak's Indonesia Action vs. East Timor donation


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Riko Simanjuntak was considered a differentiator in the Indonesian Counter-Timor Leste match at Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) in Jakarta on Tuesday (11/2013/2018).

His teammate, Andik Vermansyah, even mentioned that Rico participated in a timely manner.

Riko was recorded on behalf of Febri Hariyadi in the 56th minute. At the time, Indonesia still lagged 0-1.

After Riko's arrival, the Indonesian game is considered more alive. Persian Jakarta players who work in the right side often provide feedback that threatens their Timor-Leste goals.

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Cleveland, he gave a cross that Alberto Gonzalez could become Indonesia 's third goal.

La Bola Riko recorded a limited period of contributions in a game against Timor Leste. Assist, Two tackles, three successful crosses, four opportunities, and a successful pass success rate of 17% with 89% accuracy.

For comparison, Andik Man of the game One-time donations were recorded. AssistIncludes a successful tackle with two tackles, one header, three successful crosses, three successful dribbles, one block, four create opportunities, and 75% successful passes.

In the match against Timor Leste, Andyk started the game with a starter and was replaced in the 90th minute.

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