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Broken Heart can pass you, realistic? : Okezone Lifestyle


Who has never felt a broken heart? Almost everyone will experience it. Breaking up is the most important cause of a broken heart. However, heartbreaking can become tough, most of us consider it as a temporary mental emotion that we can continue with.

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But spiritual tension of separation can have a great deal of effects, both mentally and physically. Follow the statement that is sent by Ozone Zone by Bustle, Thursday (11/22/18).

"Broken heart can indeed have a negative effect on your health, especially if your brain does it as traumatic or traumatic," said Shawna Young, LMFT

New research reads to be central to being "As [seseorang] It can not enhance it with a therapist or by self-care and adequate time, they can see a high level of stress that releases cortisol in the body. In fact, there is a well-known "broken heart" room.

What is it breastfeeding? Also known as takotsubo syndrome, comes as the air of your heart and the main pump point is weak and enlarged, which means it can not properly pump.

This condition is rare, but it affects many more women than men. Although this condition can be caused by physical trauma, such as an asthma attack, is often caused by emotional stress, such as death or loss. This can occur as a heart attack, with severe brush and coldness of the azema, but differently than a heart attack there are actually no blocked arteries.

The study also found that patients who had a genuine cardiogenic link with broken heart disease caused by physical stress, compared with those who did not have.

Most people who have a heartbroken heart have known that they can feel a great loss, such as the heavy burden that craps on your chest, but it is interesting to know that, in some cases, heartbreak can really make you feel that you have a heart attack.

This is a good memory that breaks heart trauma is very real, not – it's important to believe in yourself and you have enough time to restore. Your feeling and body will thank you for that. You do not have to surrender it.


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