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BPOM: More than 100 cosmetic brands contain hazardous substances.


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) discovered several brands of illegal cosmetics in 2018.

More than 100 cosmetic brands after lab testing contain prohibited and dangerous ingredients. The value is estimated at Rp 22.33 billion.

Penny K. Lukito, director of BPOM RI, said cosmetics discovery is dominated by cosmetic products containing mercury, hydroquinone and retinoic acid. BPOM RI has also revealed that six declared cosmetic types contain prohibited dyes (red K3) and prohibited and dangerous ingredients such as heavy metals (lead).

In general, these components can cause cancer (carcinogenicity), fetal anomalies (teratogenicity) and skin irritation.

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It also contains illegal traditional medicines and medicinal chemicals (BKO). BKO, found in the discovery of traditional medicine, was dominated by citrate, viagra, penny butazone and paracetamol, which can affect vision and hearing loss, stroke, heart attack, liver damage, gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney failure.

According to the Post-Marketing Alert System (PMAS) report, 113 cosmetic items contain prohibited and dangerous ingredients. There are also 115 traditional medicines and health supplements containing BKO. All PMAS survey results are not registered in BPOM RI.

Penny K Lukito, director of BPOM, has revealed that BPOM has identified 36 traditional and cosmetic drug offenses throughout 2018. We are justified on the whole case.

"In the past five years, the highest verdict in the OT court case was two years in prison and one billion rubles, and the cosmetic case was up to two years and six months in court and one billion rupiah," Penny said on Wednesday 14 days) was created.

Producers of this product have been administratively tracked, including cancellation of notice or marketing authorization, recovery and security of the product in distribution, and destruction. For cosmetics and illegal OT, a pro-legitimacy process is performed.

This list includes several brands of cosmetics that are familiar with selling in many online stores. Liptint Dear Darling Etude House, QL Matte Lipstick, Marie Anne Beauty Shadow, Magsak. Some of these brands are counterfeit products such as the Etude House, Mac and Menow brands.

BPOM reaffirmed that business actors conduct business in accordance with legal provisions.

"During 2018, we have continued to discover products that were released in the past. Public warning It is still in the market last year. "

On the other hand, the public has been asked to be more alert and not to consume products prohibited by BPOM. Penny always reminded me to check KLIK (packaging, label, license, expiration date).

"Read the packaging, read the product information printed on the label, get a BPOM marketing authorization, and do not exceed the expiration date," Penny said.

For a list of cosmetics containing prohibited or dangerous ingredients and dangerous traditional medicines, please see here.

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