Thursday , January 20 2022

Besides coast pain, these are heartfelt drawings of heart disease


Report from Journalist, Apfia Tioconny Billy

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM, JAKARTA – Usually people recognize only a pine forest or a symptom of heart.

Disgusting are some other symptoms that we often experience that the first symptoms of a disease can be disturbed by the heart bleeding.

Heart and Vascular Specialist, Ario Soeryo Kuncoro said that other symptoms persist in cold weather, heavy chest and short breathing.

"As breastmaking is general knowledge, other complaints, such as cold, swift, cold, short vacation," caused Ario Soeryo Kuncoro

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In addition, the heartache of the heart is extremely extreme when you desire to fulfill your duty.

"Fearing can also lead to heart disease, so there are many complaints that are caused," said Ario Soeryo.

If you experience these things, Doctor Ario advises that you immediately check your health to a doctor to find out how to deal with it.

The doctor who works in the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital has appealed not to wait for these symptoms to recover for checking

"So, I do not know how many frequencies are, but if the complaints are severe and very stupid, if they can no longer be saved, then there is a health problem in that patient," said Ario. (*)

Editor: Radifan Setiawan
Reporter: Apfia Tioconny Billy
Video Production: Alfin Wahyu Yulianto

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