Saturday , January 23 2021

Astronomers discovered the ghost 's galaxy near the Milky Way – VIVA

Viva Astronomers have identified mysterious galaxies that turn the Milky Way. This galaxy measures one third of our galaxy under the name Antlia 2, but it shines very darkly or faintly.

A team of astronomers from Imperial College London discovered a huge galaxy when collecting data from the Gaia satellite of the European Space Agency. The official announcement will be posted on the Cornell University Library website on November 9, 2019.

"We report the discovery of the Milky Way satellite at the Antlia constellation, Antlia 2 dwarf galaxy is behind the galactic disc," said Gabriel Torrealba, author of this report.

According to him, the Ant 2 Galaxy surrounds the galaxy with at least 130,000 lights. Torrealba quotes from the New Atlas page on November 14, 2018, "This is a ghost of the galaxy and diffusive materials such as Ant 2 have never been seen before, and our discovery is made possible by the quality of Gaia's data" said.

Ant 2 is nicknamed as the Ghost 's Galaxy because it has the obscure nature of dark matter. This is why ant 2 is not detected by scientists even if the presence of Ant is presumed to be long ago.

"Scientists are likely to miss it because they are behind a bunch of stars in the Milky Way," he said.

This discovery has prompted astronomers to speculate that many galaxies are hidden outside the Milky Way galaxy. To uncover, the astronomy team is using the same method to find similar galaxies using Gaia data.

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