Friday , May 7 2021

Anya Geraldine admits that it was stupid to give a former friend a luxury car

JAKARTA, – Celebgram Anya Geraldine regrets ever giving a car gift to a former lover.

It is known, the action of Anya Geraldine to give a car price at that time had shocked the virtual world.

The reason is, Anya Geraldine gave her a luxury car, Mercedes Benz.

“That, I’m most disgusted by my ex,” Anya Geraldine was quoted as saying from the YouTube channel Vidi Aldiano, Saturday (3/4/2021).

“That it was his birthday, I knew he wanted such a car,” Anya explained.

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Therefore, Anya gave a message not to follow the action. Moreover, with an excessive dating style.

“Then do not be like me, boys. So when you go out, do not be lazy, you will regret your oath. What do you want to give, you regret yourself, unless you are already a man,” said Anya.

Anya Geraldine then did not deny that his action was foolishness.

“I used to be so stupid, I was like that and I was happy,to share, ‘Said Anya Geraldine.

“Then I thought, no wonder peoplejudge I’m a lot, yes, just stupid, ”said Anya Geraldine in an annoying voice.

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