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AMMDes is not a national mobility project.


JAKARTA, – Discussions on national cars (mobnas) were later linked to vehicles such as Rural Multipurpose Mechanical Devices (AMMDes). Although the discussion on the definition of a national car is still confusing, this phrase is an indicator of domestic industry pride.

However, the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), which is a designated issue for Indonesian state-owned cars, is less generous. This was revealed on Sunday (November 18, 1918) by Herjanto Secretary General of Metallurgy, Machinery, Transport Equipment and Electronics Engineering (ILMATE) in Jakarta.

"I have not got the direction to talk about a country car, and if we talk about a country car, there is an incentive to follow, as far as I can tell, the definition of a country car here is abundant in LCC (low cost green car) So what is the definition of a country car? "National automobiles are interpreted as cars with local content, ie LCGC," Herjanto said.

Herjanto emphasized that the government encouraged them to create new brands like AMMDes. The development of vehicles made by PT Kiat Mahesa Wintor Indonesia (KMWI) is explained very quickly because it takes advantage of the availability of the first- to third-tier industrial components.

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Wintor's local component content has reached 86%.Stanley / KompasOtomotif Wintor's local component content has reached 86%.

To remember, the era of mobnas appeared in the 90s with the technology of the People's Automotive Industry (Timor). Even Timor Leste was sanctioned by the World Trade Organization at the time, under President Soeharto's direction. The WTO regarded it as violating the GATT (General Aggrement of Trade and Trade), a Japanese trademark report.

It also makes the government unwilling to make a distinction like in the past. Herjanto said Indonesia is now trying to develop its "favorite country", not just cars, but Indonesia as a part of world trade.

"This means that there should be no discriminatory process, not just cars," he said.

"It is not a national car (AMMDes), we are developing a local brand," Herzanto said, "The state car is as if the state car has a special intervention."

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The government approach focuses more on the component industry's ability to develop new brands such as AMMDes. Herjanto estimates that national car titles are often associated with LCGC because access to local content is not only its contribution to national revenues, which include emissions, fuel use and tax revenues.

"It meets the ideals of Pak Airlangga (Minister of Industry) and President Indonesia's Making Indonesia 4.0," I want to create five areas: "Automotive, electronics, textiles, beverages and food and chemicals," Herjanto said.

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