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Again, WhatsApp officials leave Facebook – WhatsApp has been left behind by the High Officer. Neeraj Arora, who serves as Chief Business Officer, has chosen to follow in footsteps of two WhatsApp founders, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, have already left.

Arora announced his resignation on Monday (11/26/2018). Through its official Facebook account, he has advised him to rest and spend time with family.

Arora, called the "number four employee", also gave the WhatsApp team, including the duo co-founder Acton en Koum.

Probably, in & # 39; s copy of & # 39; Written letter, Arora has not mentioned the name of Mark Zuckerberg, which is currently the CEO of Facebook, WhatsApp's Material Company.

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This gives you advice by telling the officials of WhatsApp and Instagram, formerly formerly having a bad relationship with Zuckerberg.

Neeraj Arora, WhatsApp's former chief officerTwitter / Neerajarora Neeraj Arora, WhatsApp's former chief officer

"I'm happy to work with a group of talented people, see how much focus can be made on extraordinary people and preferring millions of people," wrote Arora.

Arora worked on WhatsApp seven years. He previously worked on Google, before finally being asked by Acton and Koum to come up with WhatsApp.

Arora digadang-gadang ferplakt Koum and Acton as WhatsApp main person before they return.

But with the payment of Arora, the potential filler position was not available.

In his farewell, Arora also brought his pride in WhatsApp every day attracted people in different ways.

"I believe that the WhatsApp remains easy, safe and will be a trusted communications tool for the coming years," writes Arora, as KompasTekno meet together The telegraphOn Wednesday (11/28/2018).

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As Acton pulled Arora to WhatsApp, left Facebook left. Acton rides back in September last year. At that time he was silent about the real reason he returned.

Last year, Acton recognized that there was a misunderstanding with the business model that Facebook does. He also camped #DeleteFacebook Then the problem of thorough user data from Cambridge Analytica has arisen a lot of time ago.

It was followed in April 2018. Reported, said Koem is not even aware of the use of personal data for business goals and weakening encryption made by WhatsApp.

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