Tuesday , January 18 2022

Adelaide officially declared by the outbreak of syphilis


Thousands have been infected in four states.

The syphilis outbreak was declared to have occurred in Adelaide. At the same time, local health authorities warn that if the infectious disease spreads through the womb, the fetus may die.

Key points:

• The spread of syphilis has spread to Adelaide.

• 64 cases have been reported in South Australia, including infants, since 2016

• In early 2011, the spread of disease began in Queensland.

The Australian Australian Health Authority warned healthcare providers that the prevalence of syphilis previously in the northern region, the Eyre Peninsula and the western region has officially expanded to Adelaide.

Thousands have been infected in four provinces since the outbreak began in 2011 in Queensland.

The Australian federal response to an outbreak, including a rapid response test, has not yet reached South Australia. Responses began in rural centers in Queensland, Northern Australia (NT) and Western Australia.

Louise Flood, director of epidemiology health in South Australia, says adolescent cases have increased slightly in Adelaide over the past six months.

"To help control epidemics, all doctors recommend giving syphilis tests to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders," Dr. Flood said.

"Finding, testing and treating infectious patients is also important in controlling syphilis."

"We are working with the federal government as a member of the Multi-Jurisdictional Madphilis Management Working Group to monitor outbreaks and coordinate public health responses."

Increased infection

According to the South Australian Health Authority, 49 people have been diagnosed with syphilis related to outbreaks in the North, the Iberian and western regions since the epidemic was declared in the region in November 2016.

Over the past 12 months, 15 cases of adenoid poisoning have been found, increasing the number of disease carriers.

This new Quick Check tool will instantly check for syphilis. Picture : This new Quick Check tool will instantly check for syphilis. (ABC News: Allyson Horn)

Among the diagnosed cases in South Australia last year were babies born to congenital syphilis, the first baby to die of a fatal disease in the last 18 years.

In October, health professionals asked the government to fund ABC's long-term, ongoing prevention program that would take years to reduce the infection rate nationwide and combine sex education and training.

According to data from the Australian Federal Health Department, more than 2,300 cases of syphilis have been reported in four jurisdictions. A total of 7 babies were reported dead.

Risk of pregnancy and fetus

A warning from the South Australian Health Authority warned that infectious diseases could be transmitted to babies not born in pregnant women, which could lead to perinatal death, premature labor and birth defects.

In South Australia, there are five cases diagnosed as infectious syphilis in pregnant women. In addition, syphilis increases the risk of HIV infection and, if left untreated, can cause long-term damage to the internal organs.

This disease can usually be treated with antibiotics, including penicillin.

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