Thursday , January 20 2022

A sleeping arrogant lift can speed up pregnancy after two people have established an intimate relationship.


Jakarta – There are several ways a married couple can become pregnant. Is it true, however, that the sleep posture has been lifted with the foot in place effectively? After having sex, you may have heard the whispers of neighbors who are lifting their legs and sleeping on their backs. For example, this sleeping posture is considered to stimulate sperm swim to go fast in the egg. Before being tempted to try it, consider the first explanation of medical glass about how to get pregnant quickly.Is it effective to get pregnant in the right way by going to bed after having sex? Here is from Hellosehat. If you lift your leg while you are laying your pillow under your hips during sleep, your sperm will swim more quickly towards the egg. This sleeping posture is considered to fight the gravity of the earth, so that the semen does not come out of the vagina again after penetration. Yet a scientific researcher can not prove this assumption. Male orgasm is very fast and can be shot at 45 kilometers per hour cum or ejaculation 1-2 meters in the air. Nevertheless, how quickly sperm can reach the eggs depends on the quality of the sperm cell itself and the endocrine hormones. Some health professionals, however, insist that there is nothing wrong with trying this unique, fast-paced method of pregnancy. Very well reported by family members, women who lie on their feet have a 27% chance of becoming pregnant after ovulation for 3 minutes after sexual intercourse, and fast sperm swimming increases pregnancy rates. To pass the cervical mucus and fertilize the egg, sperm cells should be able to swim at a minimum rate of 25 microns per second. Less agile and agile sperm cells account for 10% of the many causes of difficult men. There are many things that can cause sperm movement. Slowly, a man can not have children. Among them, testicles, testicular cancer, testicles, testicles, smoking habits and marijuana or cocaine use. You can diagnose infertility problems through sperm analysis tests to see if sperm quality is good. When do you know the woman 's fertility time? To get pregnant fast, sperm must have sex at the right time so that they can lay their eggs. When a woman is born at fertile time, she will lay eggs. Generally, eggs come out only once a month and fertile periods last only a few days. If you do not know when you are fertile, it can be difficult to get pregnant even if you have frequent sex. Prospective mothers should also keep the nutrients needed for fetal growth healthy and prepared later. For example, food intake increases folate intake and fertility.***

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