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5 reasons for apples are effective for weight loss

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For a while now, there have been a lot of recommendations for consumption Call while doing diet lose weight, There are a number of reasons why apples can help you lose weight.

Not only high in nutrition, a number of studies have shown that apples are one of the best fruits for weight loss. Apples are even said to be more effective at losing weight than pears.

Here are 5 reasons that apples can help you lose weight.

1. Apples are low in calories

Apples are low in calories. One apple contains an average of 80-125 calories. This amount is lower than other unhealthy snacks.

Replace your snacks like chips or fries with apples. Consuming caloric foods is the key to a successful diet.

2. Apples are rich in glass fiber

Apples are also rich in fiber. Cited out Eat This, one apple contains on average 5 grams of glass fiber as the equivalent of 20 percent of the daily recommendation.

A diet high in fiber is good for weight loss. The reason is that glass fiber helps to make the body fuller.

Fiber also helps the metabolic process as fat burning and also facilitates the digestive process.

3. Apples contain a lot of water

Apples are fruits that also contain a lot of water. One apple is 86 percent water. This water content is good for diet.

Studies show that increasing hydration contributes significantly to weight loss.

4. Apples have a low glycemic index

Apples are foods that are included in the group with low glycemic index. This means that apples are not foods that can increase blood sugar quickly.

Apples help keep blood sugar stable, so hunger lasts longer and is good for diet.

5. Apples are rich in antioxidants

Apples contain the antioxidant quercetin which helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is associated with obesity because it affects insulin resistance.

The antioxidants contained in apples can prevent inflammation and at the same time prevent weight gain.

Consume apples every day or as a snack to lose weight.

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