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& # 39; Family Cemara & # 39; will not end only in the movie.


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Filmmakers Family of Cemara, Anggia Kharisma, Story Derivatives Development Plan Family of Cemara. The product will work after the movie is released.

"chance [membuat] Continuous [televisi] We will not waste it. We will also prepare a series of sites, "Anggia said at a media conference in Jakarta Plaza Indonesia on Tuesday (11/13).

Anggia provided an example of a Family Cemara film derivative product, such as a movie. Filosofi Kopi (2015). The shooting place became a real coffee shop.

Visinema Pictures then created a series of sites as publishers. Filosofi Kopi Who was aired on YouTube. This series was released sequentially before. Coffee Philosophy 2: Ben & Jodi (2017) release.

"We also plan to create a place where we can provide a life experience in the home of the Cemara family. space We can lift it from the movie. "Anggia said.

"There are many processes and intentions that we can continue through to 2020. Because of the truth Family of Cemara Not only to the movies. "

The house was made of film. Family of Cemara West Java's Bogor, Puncak area.

story Family of Cemara It is the work of Arswendo Atmowiloto who appeared in Hi Magazine since 1970.

Family of Cemara Suddenly tells about poor and wealthy families. Abah, Emak, Euis, Ara, and Agil are family members.

Family of Cemara It has been converted into a novel form. Then the story was changed to 412 episodes in a soap opera format from October 1996 to August 2004.

movie Family of Cemara It will be released on January 3, directed by Yandy Laurens. However, the film will be premiered at the Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival from December 27th to December 4th.

Abah's character is played by Ringgo actor Agus Rahman, Emir's actor Nirina Zubir, Euis's character played by Adhisty Zara, and Ara's character played by Widuri Putri.

There are also Asri Welas with Ceu Salmah, Maudy Kusnaedi with Tante Pressier, Yasamin Jasem and Kafin Sulthan to act as friends of Euis.

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