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What you can do to prevent diabetes


November 23, 2018 (HealthDay News) Type 2 diabetes has alerted numbers in United States. But you can prevent or seduce it by health and active lives, an expert suggests.

Diabetes affects more than 30 million Americans, and Type 2 is the most common form. Many or three thirds of Americans have prediabetes, but most do not know it, according to the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Small life changes, such as signing up for a morning dress, can protect you from protecting your type 2 diabetes and their complications, according to spokeswoman Kathleen Stanley of Lexington, Ky.

Here, she shares a few tips:

Decide your personal risk. Find out if your family has a history of diabetes, that you increase. Men have a higher risk than women. Your ethnic background is also important. Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Indian and Pacific Islanders are at the highest risk of type 2 diabetes.

Make your life style and make all the necessary changes. Disable at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity in the week – approximately half an hour of & # 39; a week. Plan three 10-minute tracks in the day to get your desktop away. Staple the staircase instead of lifting.

See your plate. Eat a balanced diabetes of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, magma and whole, nutrition level. Vegetables and fruits should be half your plate.

Keep a sociable weight. Your body massage (BMI) should be lower than 25 or lower than 23 for Asian American Pacific Islanders. BMI is an estimate of fat cats based on height and weight. Research indicates that losing just 5 percent to 7 percent of your body weight can cause you to have diabetes type 2 by more than half.

Talk to your doctor. Ask how to get active and a more comfortable diet. Get support for your life style changes. Look for if you have a National Diabetes prevention program in your neighborhood. If it is not an individual program, check online. Other options include a group of exercises, fitness facilities, yoga or dance studio, or senior center.

Get tested. A simple blood test (fasting glucose) can show if you have prediabetes, a condition that blood sugar is consistently higher than normal. Check your risk of type 2 diabetes with your doctor.

Diabetes can provide serious health complications such as stroke, heart symptoms, loss of heart and footache.

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The United Nations National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Change has more about diabetes.

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