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Superstar Rajinikanth said he was pleased that his entire action-thriller 2.0, a sequel to his 2010 blockade Robo, will be closed to free the world on November 29. The Baahubali franchise of Rajamouli abounds. The superstar, which convened the meeting on the events of 2.0 event in Hyderabad, has sang Monday for his director Shankar and the film.

"We wanted to make Robo in 3D, but it did not work out. Shankar made his sense of writing his next movie full of 3D cameras and I was not surprised by his decision by my past experiences with him.I believe that the growth of Successful Baahubali franchise was made by his story and visual excerpt, which was 2.0, the film was written in 3D and has recorded a wonderful story with more than 40% per cent of the footage with special effects. Their success and convinced that it became a bigger hit than Baahubali, "says Rajini.

The actor Kabali is essentially the hype that the film has found and said he was enthusiastically waited his release. "I always feel a new concept, I'm probably waiting for the movie to open the movie, it's just the way I made my debut in Apoorva Raagangal (1975)," detected the 67-year-old actor.

As he expanded to film, Shankar, director of how he got the idea to make a bigger job. "I have a group of people who are busy engaging in their mobile phone The film brings a lot of relatibility and has a feeling that will give you a harsh stratagem .. A mobile phone is a An important conduit in our lives and it is an essential thing to keep us abreast of trends or passengers 2.0 has a message that works for everyone on a global stage. The film is an out-of-action action thriller with a social dimension for her story. "

It requires nearly four years to make 2.0, while thousands of techniques are working to make it a visual extravaganza. The film makers have repeatedly completed the fixed time and the film was further deleted until November 29. Speaking about the delay in films, Shankar said, "We wanted to leave the movie last year, but a VFX company failed to fulfill its promise, and we realized that its hard work for these complex special effects, We have offered another business to complete the work and it has done several months for things to fall. "

The director called the audience to see 2.0 in 3D, only in theaters. "The film is made with many conditions to introduce some cinema to our audience, so to get the best film festival, I ask you to see the movie in 3D." Trust me, it will be an exciting experience. "

Actor Akshay Kumar, who has re-released 28-year trip in Hindi cinema, says he works as a student in this film. "The movie has taught me so much (good) things It was not a movie for me, it was a school there I was studying Shankar as her main character. In my career I could not learn what I learned this movie. "

The actor of Padman can not thank his director enough. "I thank Shankar to give me a chance to work in this movie sharing screen with the largest Superstar Rajinikanth I understand that Rajinikanth has a unique way to make his magic on people with a small line. It was an honor thrown by Rajinikanth, "says Akshay.

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