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Virat Kohli 's leaving India' s remarks are disappointing and unacceptable: Aakash Chopra | cricket


Virat Kohli is always in the news whether he is posting or posting something on social media. Most are positive diversity, but this time is a bit different.

On Wednesday, the Indian captain asked fans to "leave India" when promoting their official application through a video on social media. After the fans have negatively commented on Kohli and other Indian hitters. "I can not see anything special about his bat, personally with the batsman, I like English and Australian hitters better than this Indian."

In response to the message, Kohli wrote his own words. "I do not think you should live in India and go elsewhere, why do you live in our country and in other countries? I do not care that you do not like me, but I do not think you will live in our country and like other things. Please correct. "

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Kohli's words have not fallen well and have been criticized by certain sectors of the media. Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra also said that he weighed the controversy and said what Kohli said was unacceptable.

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In an interview with The Today in India, former Opener of India said that Kohli has matured a lot over the last few years and the situation is much better.

"I do not think this is what Virat Kohli thinks or what he actually thinks about. In the last 18-24 months we've seen a lot of maturity about what he says, what he actually portrayed in the public domain … Interviews after every game He is not as happy as he is, but he is very humble and humble. "

I've been accused of telling people about what Kohiri said to Chopra fans and saying they were not accepting the social media that caused the worst.

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"What he said was yes, disappointing and unacceptable, but freedom of expression makes us say what we want and sometimes social media feels the worst of us, I tried to solve a tweet that might have gone through multiple tweets before, and when he looks back, I do not think he's going to be proud of what he said. "

Colley spokesman Mohammad Kaif received support, but the captain of India said the allegations were out of context.

First published: November 9, 2018 16:21 IST

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