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The great Everton defense dilemma has been resolved.


Marco Silva has a defensive dilemma to solve.

He has three internationally shaped centerbags. But unless he changes his system from the beginning, there are only two places to fill it.

So the axis of Keane and Zouma seemed so promising until the French faced a mock club on Sunday?

This week Chelsea and Mina played for the first time on Sunday and was the first defense to prevent Chelsea from scoring at Stamford Bridge this season?

Should we give Mina and Zouma a chance to build a new defense platform or play all three in a wingback system?

We asked our Everton writers what they thought was the best way – and these were their conclusions.

David Prentice – Keen and Mina

Kevin Richardson was a very good midfielder.

But Kevin Sheedy was exceptional.

Richardson was good enough to win Arsenal's league title, but Captain Aston Villa commanded runners in the Premier League, glory in the League Cup, played in England, and never had a permanent place in Everton. Midfielder.

He scored two important games in Southampton in March 1985 when Sheedy was injured and fell off the very next game when Sheedy recovered.

Everton has won the league in that season, which reinforces the claim that you should always play your strongest XI.

Michael Keane has the strongest XI in Everton. Because I did not put my foot up wrong this season (because I placed two slide rule passes on Sunday, not on the Seamus Coleman foot).

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Center Back Blues

And Kurt Joma was wonderful this season. However, Yerry Mina started to get used to Everton's career in an imaginable test environment. He has formed a solid partnership with Michael Keane and has been out in the field twice.

Keene and Mina were part of the defense that made Chelsea's first offensive at Stamford Bridge this season. And they will be my choice to continue this season.

Sam Carroll – Mina and Jumma

Marco Silva, as he recently admitted, is not disadvantaged by the 5-0 formation at Goodison Park this season to accommodate the richness of his defense options.

Yes, that's right.

Thanks to Michael Keane and Kurt Zouma making it a central partnership in Silva's back line, Yer Jagielka and Mason Holgate are farther ahead than Everton's career in Everton's career.

"So far the greatest demand for Marco Silva's reign"

But Marco has to date resisted the urge to make the greatest demands on his reign and change shape.

Replacing it with a five-man formation would mean a tactical reorganization, which is the sharpest of what Everton has seen in a few years with throwing a ball at Chelsea.

In short, blues do not have the ability to fix things that are not broken.

Everton has begun to develop into its present form.

There is no time to clean the slate.

It will be tough. And I certainly would not want to tell any of Keane, Mina, or Zouma. But Burnley's ex-man will have to wait for his turn behind the duo in spite of tremendous progress.

The future at Zouma's club is not clear at best, and in current evidence Keane can still have a long and successful career at Goodison Park.

But now Silva has to maintain the best partnership.

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Who will be with Centerback in Everton?

Chris Beasley – Minawakin

Marco Silva, a welcoming challenge to Everton, knows that three players can compete for a centerbag faction.

In recent seasons – especially in the last period – the bosses of the blues were a luxury that one had to leave because they had to try and find two players who actually took shape. That's exactly what Silva should do. It is not important to use the three backwards and backwards.

"To Gaypa who makes a ruthless call"

After all, Everton was almost ineffective in developing such a formation. It is up to the coward to make a ruthless call. Seamus Coleman and Andre Gomes are already gladly dropping Jonjoe Kenny and Tom Davies as soon as they come out.

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Michael Keane and Kurt Zouma have established effective new partnerships early in the campaign, but now Yerry Mina has shown that they can compete with the best of the Premier League.

After a promising debut at Stamford Bridge, he will defend Keane and him in Cardiff City.

Adam Jones – Minawakin

If it is not broken, do not fix it.

Unfortunately, Marco Silva unfortunately had to change his starting XI in the game against Chelsea and had to put in a Kurt Jumae in-form player.

Yerry Mina started his first Premier League league at Stamford Bridge and entered the swing and played very well.

It was especially impressive to see how comfortable the former Barcelona man was in the ball, so I finished 91% of the 32 passes in 90 minutes.

So, Silva is now facing a dilemma.

Michael Keane has been revelated this season and has shown fantastic results.

"Three people in the back are not a problem"

However, Mina should come in with a clean sheet in the first game and become a partnership with Silva.

There have been some questions about the potential shape changes of the three major change systems, but this means limiting the brilliant attack options further down the player.

It is questionable.

Sunday's game only allowed the blues to stop the opponent from scoring this season, and Mina is the only way to really play the game.

Zouma is also dependent on loans only, so it's important to give Everton's permanent players priority in this situation.

After all, this is a particularly welcome dilemma Silva has now. Think of the injuries and suspensions that the blues had to deal with in the beginning of this season.

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