Tuesday , October 26 2021

Taimur Ali Khan lets the paparazzi be aware when he tries to talk to him – watch video


Taimur Ali Khan

Taimur tries chat with the paparazzi & nbsp | & nbspPhoto Credit: & nbspInstagram

While you say that it's natural for Taimur Ali Khan to start talking when he changes two months in the next month and what's the big deal, every boy starts at this age. It is the adorable way in which Taimur is talking about what you are paying attention to this time. I mean, not that he has done something extraordinary, but you will be amused to see how he jumped to pass a message to Paparazzi as soon as he saw her last evening. Watch the video and you will know what we are trying to say.

With his eyes caught the camera, Taimur was always renamed as he seriously tried to talk to a photographer, as if he personally knew. Perhaps it is thanks to the connection he had been with her since his father. The next day he looked at her and never figured, or takes on that day when he was asked to tell his name precisely: It's Tim & # 39; ALWAYS LIKE: Taimur Ali Khan has his breakthrough with Kareena and Saif as he flies to our heart – see photos

See Taimur Ali Khan talking to the lower paparazzi

Now, when the queen was asked about the findings of Taimur and how he began to enjoy, she said, "would kill me to go to a boarding school. I thought it might be a mistake. be as if I say Saif … it would be like the departure of reality, because this is right reality Paparazzi is always silent, you are always acting, it's not like that. I have always been photographed by Taimur or family, he can not just be in their own city, walk around and go to school and normal things like ordinary children. So I'm so tasty – They simply lead him, and I tell everyone to buy himself, let him do something to do, do everything, but I can not support him as he is and I can not love him for the normal life If a parent can not send him to school, I can not send him to play with his friends, I can not do it, I do not want him. year, I want him to be free and if that's what costs are and Saif keep doing "

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