Monday , November 29 2021

SRM turns over obscenity action on campus


A contract worker at the SRM Institute for Science and Technology was established on Friday to sexually prepare a preschool in # 39; The women's hostel at campus Katunankulathur.

The hostel is suspended not to immediately go to the complaint.

No action was taken by the authorities directly to a complaint, hundreds of students of # a valid university occupying a campus on Thursday morning.

One of Protestant students said that the victim in # training was given to get the sixth floor of a hostel while the contract worker – if the food from ' dirt collects – the button for the highest pressure.

"The laborer masturbated for the daughter of a girl who began to cry for help, saying she was coming out of the air only when she heard her sound and louder shouted, "said the student.

Delay mentions

When the girl who had the message to reach the hostel, she was asked to show the writing and waiting on CCTV camera footage.

"The employee was identified by the student in CCTV footage, but she was asked to keep quiet," said another student protestor.

According to the Protestants, replace the hostel with a complaint two hours.

After that, when there was no action by the authorities, the students went on a protest to seek direct actions.

At the hearing of the incident, the Maraimalainagar police arrested the place and visited the riding pupils until midnight, but to lose it in vain.

Only on a police officer's assault that they have a proper action against # 39; would have been guilty, the students sent their protest.

The official, N. Sethuraman, said that the institution strongly responds to the difficulty.

"The silver breaks down security and was in a lift. If the hostel is with CCTV, it has helped identify him," he said. A committee saw in the appetizer and the parade was suspended, he challenged, without the exploitation of the # 39; the reasons.

If the permission of parents of & # 39; the victim was required, there was a delay in demanding a police officer, while the students were tired, the officer was explicit. The university then applied a complaint and the guilty was arrested at 3.30pm, he adds.

A senior police agency said that no one had to wait a hurry up to 11 o'clock. on Thursday, although the event was found in the afternoon.

"We were looking for a complaint to act against the sculdrite, and finally the hostel asked the complaint and we ordered the contractor Arjunan, the Chettipunyam village at Singaperumalkoil," said the official.

In FIR is registered under §§ 294 (b) (sings, presents, or any obscene songs, ballads or words, in or in another place) and 354 (abusive or criminal force to a woman with a sense of modesty to shake) from & # 39; The IPC and the worker has been changed in court.

Relocation of safety

Meanwhile, the university registrar has said that the commission ensures the strengthening of the safety and safety of pupils on campus.

Social media outlets, admitted students, reported that men can work by visiting the household in the household and the authorities unfulfied during their time for their care.

The official said, "There are law enforcers and councilors to help students get the freedom to stimulate their concerns, issues and expenditures. The complete security system and processes are reviewed, prioritize security aspects."

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