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Rishi Kapoor says it was diagnosed with cancer, son Ranbir "literally forced me into the plane and flew here with me" | bollywood


Actor Rishi Kapoor, who had earlier said he plans to return to India in August, has said he can't wait a week to see the camera. Stationed in New York for more than nine months, he also said he plans to take a break from New York and this week to visit the Hamptons beach.

Rishi talked to Times of India in an interview, and said: "In 45 years of my career, I've never had a long break name yet." It seems to me that God sometimes makes the decisions for you that you do not do. I haven't been on the run for the past nine and a half months. I'm not out of NYC. I'm planning to go to the Hamptons tomorrow, it's about three hours drive away. For the first time in nine months I will take a while and go to the beach. Fortunately, my children, friends, family and well-being are with me. ”

Rishi also talked about his reaction to being diagnosed with cancer: "There was no time to react." I shot in Delhi. I was on the sixth day shoot of a new movie, when my son (Ranbir Kapoor) and a close family remnant came to Delhi, talked to my producers and explained the problem. In the evening they took me to Mumbai and shortly afterwards they flew me to New York. I had no time to respond as an interim perspective. My son literally forced me into the plane and flew here with me. The acceptance is slow. ”

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Speaking of work for almost a year, Rishi said the time had taught him to be patient. “People may ask them what I have been doing in America for so long. I move around, eat, drink, shop and watch movies. I can't get home, I'm bound by the hospital – I am under treatment and under observation. For me this has taken great patience, otherwise I would leave this place and come back to Mumbai a long time ago. The treatment requires that you behave in a certain way. From one treatment to the other, it takes weeks. That's why I was here nine and a half months here. I hope to return after the end of August. I've seen all four seasons of this city (New York). ”

He also opened dying days over his mother Krishna after he came to the FS for treatment. & # 39; That was very sad. I went to the US on September 29, and my mother died on October 1. She knew I had a serious affair. This whole period was traumatic for me. I was caught up with my problem. I didn't know what to do, and I had no option to go here in New York. My brother told me that by the time I was going back, it would be too late. Also, I didn't have the condition as the strength to come back, "he said.

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