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Read this before buying a 4K-TV for black Friday or buying event –


Stephan Jukic – November 23, 2018

There are enough good 4K TV services available for, in and for many days after the year of Black Friday sales event. Here at we have the presentations that we think offer what are many strong price prizes for what we are professional reviews are really good TVs. Many of these are right on the bottom of this post. However, these circulators and filters do not provide for all 4K TV discount and for many of the products you will be sold, the comparison prices are not as accurate as they are made To give or Still, the TV's are offered, not as good as they are re-available, despite their lower prices. Then there are also technical problems that are in account of & # 39; The right tv to be considered for your needs.

To get one of the potential purchaser to get these issues and help you to get all the dollar from your UHD TV budget that you want to spend a long time, we've included these keys that tips You really need to know if you are not completely familiar with what you want to look for if you own your own 4K TV. Let's start.

Valley connecting harbor

Most of today's brand names 4K-TVs of this year or last year come with highly standardized numbers and types of connecting port and they are more than enough for practically any normal external device that needs your connection makes. The usual character in the majority of this TV consists of & # 39; the following:

  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 3 USB ports
  • 1 Portable Optical Audio Out port
  • 1 Analog Audio Out 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 tuner (cable / ant) ​​port
  • 1 Ethernet connection port

Read this before buying a 4K TV for black Friday cyber weekend

These may seem like some TV shows with only two USB ports or three or more but with the essence of # 2.0 type instead of & # 39; a powerful 3.0 kind. Other TVs can not recognize a tuner or analog audio connection. Others (a few pairs) missing a tuner. Another major problem can be from the nature of # e HDMI ports. The best connected 4K TVs will have a total of 4K HDR passage capabilities on all four of them, while some offer the function in a few of their HDMI sockets. The bottom line here is that this is what you really need to check before buying a specific TV, if you need to have extra USB port or full 4K HDR passage in all four HDMI ports, then they have no bulls to you. You've already done your new TV home and unpacked it.

Go to HDR

HDR or high dynamic range is not yet administered in a majority of today's digital content, but it is now growing and you can 100% ensure that it's almost universal in most 4K video sources and console games earlier than before later. We will probably start with a lot of HDR format for regular HD programs for TV programs in a couple of years. Because of this, and because HDR really looks good when you show on a TV that it can show it, you even have to get a TV that it can also render it.

Fortunately, most modern 4K TVs have at least some type of HDR display, and this applies practically all budget TV models since 2017. The feature will only be better and distributed in all ultra HD TV models in # 39, so it can do it right now. Premium and ultra-premiere 4K HDR-TV's offer super-high dynamic bonds through improved peak brightness, stronger contrast capacity and many more colorful color performance, but as we have said, still more inexpensive models of these important aspects of HDR .

Samsung NU8000-SmartTV-9

Check the refresh rate

Of course, all 4K TV merchandise sold in North America, a 120Hz terrestrial or refresh, or a separate 60Hz refresh seat in their displays. All other figures you see are just hip movements for interpolation gimmicks that "improve these improvement rates" artificial. But even with these strengthened numbers, things are all the same, so that for a 4K-TV declared to maximize 240Hz, it actually offers 120Hz panel and TV's 120Hz Improve what you actually get is 60Hz.

Nowadays, both TVs and both 120hz and 120Hz refreshments will make perfect with most TV content, but a TV wave, an infrared refresher of 120Hz, will control super mouse pointer and mouse control for stream, stream, broadcast or hard disk content. The difference is not great, but it is important if you are a big fan of sports box and many action movies. If this is the case and you want the smooth movement to make these types, just walk right, we would be present at a 120 Hz 4K-TV, although this will be more expensive.

Do not worry about smart TV

Smart TV platforms are now found in all 4K TVs. This was not exactly the case back in the past few days of 2014 when the previous mainstream models emerged, but it is now a standard thing. However, not all rare platforms are made, and some devices, such as Samsung, provide clearer weakness and content app access as well as others.

This is, however, not in the worst way to just have what your 4K-TV smartwall is, you can always buy an external streaming media stick or a set top box on the natural platform in & # 39; 39; to use the television itself. Today, there are a lot of this and some of them made by Roku, with the Roku TV platform in their own, come with their own perfect app / smart TV installation kit to play. They are also cheaply cheaper, with the Amazon Fire 4K TV stacks cost less than $ 50 bucks and a really good streaming media like the Roku Ultra selling now (for Black Friday only as far as we know) for only $ 49.99.


In other words, let a 4K TV-natural smartphone decide if you buy this TV. If the TV is great, but has a great platform, get it, and if it's a great tv with a great platform, forget it and buy a better TV when it's for your budget, then the candy functional letter later captured became.

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Make what is praised is priced

There are some really good, really affordable 4K TVs and there they can be an unlucky cheap. In fact, some of the excellent black population at # 39; The bottom of this post contains various models of honestly fantastic prizes. Yet there is little to be a limitation to this and market reputation has a role to play.

In basic formats, there are good TV shows that are priced and then TVs are usually cheaper because they are really cheap. Make yourself even when you think you save a lot of money as the dollar slows down your appetite that costs you the TV a few months on you or makes you the quality of the photo so bad that even 4K solution & # 39 ; t keep it.

A good basic rule to follow here (even if it seems to be somewhat snotty) is to name brand TVs of brands with a reputation for quality at a budget prize. Our TV reviews on this site and our main TV room page give some good guidelines at this. Another good rule is to buy 4K-tv cost less than $ 300. Almost both are used or two parents for more recent standards than they are brand name models, or they only come from men who do not have so much performance as they say.

Black Friday Deals Samsung NU6900 2018 4K HDR TV

Look for used / refreshed 4K-tv

As a collective of the tip above this one, we also advise you to enjoy surprising deals on 4K TV cells that are actually sold cheaply because they are made models that are have been buried again. Now, this rule is one that requires a very fast qualification. If a given TV comes with a fixed guarantee of at least 1 year of trading itself, then it may still be a lot of self-employed or a refined model. It is probably due to problems. However, ensure that this is the case for copying without a guarantee, a used 4K TV is a bad idea as to how much a discount you get. A good example of reliable upgrade models would be that you often see them delivered to Amazon and promoted by the retailer themselves with a 1 year warranty. They are often cheaper than their new versions and they are also a fairly secure bet.

Now that you are these cruel tips tips, here are some of our kittens and really perform Black Friday deals on great 4K-tv and electronics. All of the following offer high-quality TVs and other electronics at a price that means the true high value for your money.

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