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PUBG has been on the Xbox game pass as rumors about the launch of PlayStation stand out. Technology


Microsoft is scheduled to add a popular mobile game to its Xbox Game Pass subscription on Nov. 12, when rumors of PUBG (Player Unknown 's Battlegrounds) slipping into the PSP (Sony Playstation 4)

Xbox One users who have signed up for the $ 9.99 Xbox Game Pass can now access PUBG, and more than 100 people can join, The Verge reported late Saturday.

Microsoft gave the Xbox One for PUBG a one-year monopoly, but the transition to PS4 will continue to compete with its competitor, Fortnite, to release games for millions of dollars.

Microsoft continues to push the Xbox Game Pass while exploring streaming games with the xCloud service. It is clearly a big part of the future Xbox plan.

The company has also pledged to make its first-generation titles public through Xbox Game Pass.

As part of the PUBG addition, new Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access the service for $ 1 a month during the month, the report said.

First published: November 11, 2018 at 15:12 IST

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