Tuesday , November 30 2021

Pro Kabaddi (PKL 6) Live Score, Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengale Warriors Match: Twenty Half Begins


Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors

Bengaluru lead zone B points table. (PHP) & nbsp

That's it, The game has 33-31 followers of Bengal, to get the bulls away from home. Bengal is also on third place on & # 39; A score table like Bengaluru stays above the table. It was more of tactical victory over Bengal, so they went well and beat the Bengaluru that their points were better. We thank you for your participation through our coverage and hope to get the same as if we bring the following.

Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors Pro Kabaddi Kits Highlights

21:05 IS: Not a winning start for Bengaluru home or Bengal won the match by 2 points marching 33-31 the game full of Bengal.

21:00 IS: Bengal asks once more a decision from #Howendom in & # 39; the dying minutes. Continuously continues to give Bengaluru one point.

20:59 IS: Bengals try to kill with less than 1 minute to go

20:55 IS: Time-out called Bengal Warriors with less than two minutes to go.

20:54 IS: Meanwhile, Bengaluru 's Pawan Sherawat on Super 10's fourth season.

20:53 IST: Bengal leaves again in the game that they send skipper Rahul to the bank. With four minutes, Bengal lead 30-27.

20:48 IS: Pawan Sherwat supplies Bengal Warriors in a killerpunch to maintain an all-out in Bengal. Bring Bengaluru to Level 26-the whole game is in.

20:45 IS: Pawan Sherawat of bullets makes a successful raid if he points to 5 points 5. 20-25 points.

20:36 IST Bengal Warriors challenge a decision at the beginning of the second skin when they get a successful review. 23-15 they open in the opening hours.

20:26 IS: Bengal leaves Bengaluru 18-14 in fire while the home is disappointed.

20:24 IS: Door The raid for Bengal as Ran Singh gets herself two points. 15-13 for Bengalas to go in all-out on Bengaluru Bulls.

20:20 IS: Bengal Warriors raider strengthens a toofani Super raid to drive their team forward in the race.

20:18 IS: Bengaluru fans now, baking their team back. They take the lead for the first time in the race. 11-9 stands for the favorite of Bengaluru.

20:16 IS: Bengal Defender Ran Singh now sends the Bengaluru skipper Rohit Kumar to the bank.

20:13 IS: Bengaluru's Rohit Kumar sends Bengal's Survival Package as he gets a range. The ships of Bengal are now looking.

20:10 IS: Bengal leads to points in the beginning of the game as raider Maninder Sigh gets a raid point. 6-5 for the arrival of Bengal at the time.

20:05 IS: Playing XI

Bengaluru: Rohit Kumar, Ashish Sangwan, Mahender Singh, Pawan Sehrawat, Kashiling Adake, Jasmer Gulia, Sandeep

Bengal: Ran Singh, Mahesh Goud, Vijin Thangadurai, Surjeet Singh (C), Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat, Maninder Singh, Baldev Singh

19:40 IS: Here are the two teams

Bengaluru Bulls

Defensers: Amit Sheoran, Mahender Singh, Ashish Kumar, K. Jawahar Vivek, Sandeep Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhaka, B. R. Nithesh, Raju Lal Choudhary

Raiders: Rohit Kumar, Harish Naik, Sumit Singh, Kashiling Adake, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, V. Anand, Anil, Rohit

All-rounders: Jasmer Singh Gulia, Mahesh Maruti Magdum, Dong Ju Hong, Gyung Tae Kim

Bengal Warriors

Defensers: PO Surjeet Singh, Ameares Mondal, Ziaur Rahman, Baldev Singh, Vijin Thangadurai, Manoj Dhull

Raiders: Mithin Kumar, Jang Kun Lee, Mahesh Goud, Amit Kumar, Amit Nagar, Rakesh Narwal, Ashish

All-rounders: Vittal Meti, Bhupender Singh, Shrikant Tewthia, Ran Singh, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawa

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