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Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFounds jokes about setting up the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021


On Saturday, October 16, 2021 – George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson made a jab at setting the live mob mood taking place during Minecraft Live 2021.

Once upon a time, Minecraft Live 2020 saw a lot of controversy after Clay “Dream”, an extremely popular content maker online, tweeted and told his fans to vote specifically for one of the three warring mobs. He, presumably, also told fans he would follow back if they voted in his favor.

This had caused outrage in the community, and even raised questions about whether a live mob vote should be brought back for future events.

Surprisingly, Minecraft Live 2021 brought back the voice of live mob. This event had three very strong candidates for this vote, as all mobs had their own unique and convenient uses for in-game players.

GeorgeNotFound jokes about directing the live mob voice for Minecraft Live 2021

George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson is known to be a very close friend of Clay “Dream.” It feels only natural that he would be joking about the actions of the content maker during Minecraft Live 2020.

He posted two tweets after the event, and the live mob vote was over. Both jokingly stated that he had rigged the live mob vote for Minecraft Live 2021.


Dream had made a similar jab for his actions before the event last year. He made a joke about raising the mood again, causing controversy and nostalgia among the community.

He also told adults that he would not express his opinion on the live mob vote this year to avoid prejudice in the vote.

as much as it’s funny to joke about people getting madly mad at a block game, I will not plead for one mob because I understand why some people would be joking with me influencing the mood past year. It’s a community thing and I leave it to the community 🙂…

George’s similar jab may have been a way to amuse the community in jokes about last year’s events, and not hold back bad memories and resentment; because content creators obviously did not repeat this error at all during Minecraft Live 2021.

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