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Mao Zedong blasts 6 polls at Chhattisgarh, one BSF officer dies | India News


The Suborder inspector was killed as Maoists were found to have launched six IED blasts in the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh on Sunday ahead of the local polling stations.

In another incident, a Maoist fired a gun at a meeting with security forces in the Bijapur region against the rebels of Chhattigsarh.

Police reported that Maoists had six explosive bomb blasts aimed at the security forces in the towns of Kattakal and Gome.

The explosion occurred at about 8:30 am when the BSD team was in the normal territorial control of the Colliaveda region. This area is under the Antahgarh parliamentary constituency MP Vikram Usendi was imprisoned by the BJP in parliamentary elections.

Kanker SP KL Druve said that BSF's subordinate Inspector Mahendra Singh ran into the hospital with a sputum and a gunshot wound.

Soon the alarm sounded, reinforcement went into the scene, and the wounded withdrew from the forest.

"We started the combing operation in this area after the explosion," he added.

When the Special Private Team (STF) met in the Bijapur area, DM Awasthi, the Special Rapporteur for Police at the meeting in the Bijapur area, said a fire broke out in the woods at the border of the Bedre Police Department. – Drop surgery.

Security in the seven districts of the Bastar region and in the Rajnandgaon region will be voted at the first stage on Monday (November 12) and approximately one security officer has been deployed to facilitate the election.

Maoists urged voters to refuse to vote.

The first stage of voting covers 18 districts in the eight Maoist affected areas of Basta, Kancar, Sukhma, Visakhapur, Dante Wada, Na'alapur, Condda Gaon and Raznandaghaon. The remaining 72 constituencies will vote on November 20th. Voting will be held on December 11th.

First published: November 11, 2018 10:45 IST

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