Monday , August 15 2022

KKR vs RCB, IPL 2021, eliminator – ‘Give my 120% every year to this franchise’



Says he will only play for RCB because “my commitment to this franchise is until the last day I play the IPL”

Virat Kohli’s IPL captaincy with Royal Challengers Bangalore, over 11 seasons, 2011 to 2021, came to an end on Monday with his team bowing out of IPL 2021 in the eliminator. Although he may have suffered as many losses as wins in his time (140 games, 64 wins, 69 losses, three ties, four no-wins), Kohli said through the ups and downs, he had given his all to the franchise as a leader , and sought to create an environment in which players could express themselves.

“I have tried my best to create a culture here where young people could come in and play expressive cricket, play with faith. It is something I have also tried to do at the Indian team level,” Kohli told Star Sports host the defeat with four wicket, Kolkata Knight Riders who had cut with two balls at home in the pursuit of 139 at home. but I can guarantee that I have given my 120% to this franchise every year, leading the team.

“And like I said, I’ll continue this effort on the field as a player from now on. It’s a great time to regroup, restructure the franchise for the next three years, and bring in people who have this culture and this can take franchises to the next level, moving forward. “

Kohli reiterated that he will continue to play for Royal Challengers only in the IPL. “Like I said, I do not see myself playing anywhere else. For me, loyalty is more important than other things that seem more important from a worldly point of view. This franchise has believed in me and my commitment is to this franchise until the last day that I play the IPL. “

While Royal Challengers finished fourth in IPL 2021, still looking for their first title win, they had a largely successful season. They had nine wins in 14 games in the league stage, and only missed a top-two finish for Chennai Super Kings at net pace. They also had several players who put together excellent seasons. Chief among them was pacer Harshal Patel, who finished with 32 wickets, the common-highest in an IPL season.

Harshal credited Kohli and the management of Royal Challengers for his growth as a bowler, saying that although Kohli will no longer be the captain, he will always remain a leader within the franchise.

“Of course everyone knows the kind of energy and passion that Virat brings to the field. He supports bowlers, gives them their space, lets them carry out their skills and plans. That I am very grateful to him,” Harshal said. “I’ve learned a lot from playing with him since I think 2012. In terms of his captain there are captains and there are leaders, and he’s definitely a leader. Just because he will not tag a captain have, does not make him any less a leader.

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