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It does or dies for Project Neymar as PSG risk champion renewal against Liverpool


The request to defend a win against the Reds on Wednesday is connected to the toughest player of World's Go to the door at Parc des Princes

There can be no prize or three points on the track, but it should not be negligible to say that the Champions League Championship meeting with Liverpool is the largest in # 39; the history of Saint-Germain.

The win and the Champions League 1 will be at the height of the knockout phase, but lose and the ordinary stuff of # 39; The club will threaten to develop.

Even in a case of demonic rejection, President Nasser Al Khelaifi will probably be safe, such as head coach Thomas Tuchel, whose excellent work on the & # 39; The International Court of Human Rights (EEC) states that it is now necessary. Still, sports coach Antero Henrique would be among the victims.

His distance would, however, be an indifference beyond Neymar, his position as one of the greatest stars of # The world would be dismissed in the heart of a failed project in which he was the keystone.

Prior to & # 39; s contest of & # 39; a wilderness at the Parc des Princes, has built the 26-year-old police station and whether it's fit to play. If he did not, the French club could get an unwillingness and vision about what would be the future without Brazil international.

Neymar is incomprehensible to PSG's attempts to dominate Europe since the summer of 2017, when a wonderful victory campaign saw the Braziler for 222 million euros from Barcelona in a deal that sells world champion . Not only was the transfer report of the game broken, it was entirely abandoned.

A blood three weeks later followed Kylian Mbappe from Monaco, and came on a deal of almost all sorts of numbers, although the gardener was only signed the future for the future. Neymar was expected to make a direct impact, the finished superstar ability to move PSG to the Champions League glory and put himself in a position to win the Balloon or Or.

But ambition and power are two very different things, and just like previous PSRs in the Champions League league knockers would also be this expensive version.

Neymar PSG 2018

Of course, by the time they're in the hands of # 39; In the last season seasons winners Real Madrid, Neymar was set up with a broken metatarsal, but just as the Qatari owners of the club had no account for just 16 seats, the Braziler just moved to Paris for an inexhaustible payment of payment.

He was sold the dream of Champions League and Balloon d 'Or, but the reality has several proofs.

Clarence Seedorf, a fourth-winner of # Competition, believes that it was likely that the move would be striking this way.

"He must play better with players than him," he said Globo Esporte. "Not technical, but those who have won great prizes, they can talk to him and who he can respected.

"He's still young, he's not so long in Europe." It was a crime to leave Barcelona quickly, another two years and there he could be different. "

But instead of Camp Nou, he finds himself at Parc des Princes, where there is a track record of failure and relaxation in the Champions League.

With one win, two pulls and a report in group C, Tuchel's men are now tired of resigning to a still older and more-in-a-year-old junior if they have ever been in the sixties of QSI.

Another loss to Liverpool, probably 3-2 victory at Paralympic Summer Games in Anfield was more extensive than the scorching, probably leading the most expensive offensive track, which was previously featured on & # 39; a misery of 'Europa League.

But the long-term consequences would be greater; It would be a catalyst to take Neymar's time in France to an end.

Neymar PSG 2018

Balloon d 'Or winners do not play football Thursday, and Purpose understands that Barcelona plotted a roadmap to track the former Santos star, which 41 times played in 46 matches since moving to France.

One of the conditions for action is that they need him to open his replay when moving to PSG. Which better hit as a previous Champions League exit?

Such talents deserve that they earn the largest stage, and even if South America is not ready to start the corner to return to its former club, then the other gains of # 39; the continents will come when it decides to leave the French capital.

Without Champions League football, PSG has saved its largest star as a task will be even more severe if you take it in the first place.

Although a direct domino effect at Parc of the Princes would not be likely – Mbappe would keep up the jacket of figurine house – the longest message would be clear: PSG is no longer under European elite.

"Individual, you do not want to win in team sports," Dani Alves has in # 39; The construction of the major midweek wars argued, but, unfortunately, without world-class talent, this task to win the greatest prices without complicating complicated.

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After years of cautious, but expensive building, it is a slip that even the great expenditure of Parisians can not simply learn.

The European history of PSG is dominated by its inability to participate in the club moods. On Wednesday, they have to learn this skill on a club that is one of the master's of # 39; and art has over the years.

If they did not, a temporary long in society could attack quickly.

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