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HD Kumaraswamy now cares CM; Congress owes BJP for government failure


Karnataka Assembly Floor Test LATEST updates: When he accepted his resignation from HD Kumaraswamy, Governor Vajubhai Vala told him to continue as chief minister of Karnataka until a new government takes over. Vala also told Kumaraswamy that in this period no executive decisions could be taken.

During the deepening test, while voting for 99 MLA's for government, 105 voted against it.

The House of Representatives is voting at a fourth day of debate on confidence movement moved by HD Kumaraswamy.

In an emotionally closing speech, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said: "I apologize to Opposition and voters for their waiting. I have enough on current political developments. I am ready to sacrifice my post."

After protests in Race Course Road erupted, pilot assignments have been filed for the next 48 hours in Bengaluru, according to reports. All bars and wine shops will be closed during this period.

During the confidence movement debate, Siddaramaiah concluded with the BJP for the "wholesale and retail sale of MLAs". "Governments will come and go, but we need to keep the constitution. Wholesale and retail sales of MLAs are a disgraceful operation," he said.

Do not follow the procedures of the day with Congress and JD (S) that will be on the Tuesday of the trust vote debate & # 39; A chamber dominated, Minister Congress DK Shivakumar said, "It is not the BJP leaders who have hit me back, but the rebels in Mumbai have it. But, don't worry, they'll be the same do for all of you. They cannot be ministers, I tell you. "

Minister Karnataka DK Shivakumar, Congress Legislative Party (CLP) boss Siddaramaiah, Krishna Byre Gowda launched a blistering attack on & # 39; BJP over the impressive floor test in & # 39; a party meeting.

Shivakumar said he spoke to one of the MLA rebel's "you" said he "wanted a ministerial location". "I told him that all rebels will be crushed by BJP leaders," he added. He also said the BJP had "destroyed" the political future of the rebel MLA.

On the other hand, Shivakumar also said that he was "hurt" by keeping and wearing & # 39; e rebel MLAs. He referred to his visit to Mumbai when he asked the MLA's police for protection against Shivakumar. "I was forced to stand on the street in Mumbai. I could easily have locked up rebel MLAs in a room, but I didn't do it because of the friendship," he added.

Congressmen and Minister Karnataka DK Shivakumar beat the BJP and state party chief BS Yeddyurappa on "untiring" efforts to "Operate Kamala" in a state. He "congratulated" Yeddyurappa, who he called the "Star of Operation Lotus". He also made a sarcastic comment about how & # 39; t yeddyurappa "don't give up". He said, "You are trying to bring down the government for seven untiring times."

"BJP has a mandate to run the land. You have the opportunity to change a system where the horse trade is the norm. Take the lead and we will be with you. Stop this murder on democracy," he added .

Directing Media Outside the Supreme Court to Forget The Bank Has Forgotten the Bet of Rebel Congress JDS MLA's to Wed, Wed, MLA Lawyer said Mukul Rohatgi, "I hope that speaker KR Ramesh Kumar realizes what his position is, what the constitution requires him to do and the fact that the next day is being investigated. "

Rohatgi further added that the 15 rebel MLA Congresses and the JD (S) have the option of appearing in non-existent procedures, noting that they were "& # 39;" t is a basis for disqualification. "If floor test is not being held today, we will be pushing for an operational tomorrow," said Rohatgi.

Karnataka Unit of the BJP is ruled by Prime Minister HD Kumaraswamy for not attending the meeting. Move on Twitter, said the saffron party, "Session for #KarnatakaTrustVote has begun. But CM @hd_kumaraswamy rest at his Taj West end hotel. his party will soon reply to Kannadigas. "

The Supreme Court forgot to listen to the independent MLAs plea to look for weddings in the Karnataka Assembly on Wednesday. The apex court said it heard the confidence vote not taking place on Tuesday.

The apex court will also probably hear several petitions that have been filed by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president Dinesh Gundurao in the coming week.

The MLA's of the Karnataka congress have demanded that the trust position with four weeks be delayed, for having asked the rebel MLA for the duration of four weeks before they Meet Karnataka Speaker, India Today reported.

Karnataka speaker KR Ramesh Kumar left the session of the meeting to meet MLA rebels lawyers at his room. The independent MLA lawyer, R Shankar and H Nagesh, Mukul Rohtagi has arrived at the Supreme Court in advance of a likely hearing of & # 39; e advocates of & # 39; MLAs regarding the & # 39; e HD Kumaraswamy leadership.

J Shettar of BJP and KS Eshwarappa BJP expressed their dissatisfaction in the Karnatka meeting, for the procedures of & # 39; The Second Chamber was condemned by the sadness of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and other coalition leaders. Speaker KD Ramesh Kumar had the tuesday at 10 o'clock to invoke the house to call, ending the day Monday in ruckus.

Shettar accuses the JD (S), MLA Congress of the & # 39; calendar a trust movement & # 39; light & # 39; to take and say, "They assured us that it (daybreak test) will be done today, but they didn't even agree. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy sits in his room and deletes files instead of talking to conversations. They do not have the idea to prove their majority, they want to drag this. People are hesitant with this. We can't wait for people who are in Mumbai. "

The Karnataka meeting resumes operations on Tuesday in anticipation of a & # 39; e HD Kumaraswamy leadership. Although speaker KR Ramesh Kumar and BJP MLA's of opposition were half an hour following any procedures that were to begin, Congress and JD (S) leaders were absent from & # 39; e meeting.

"The session is already on & # 39; it went with BJP to start the chats with Speaker," News9 reported.

Speaks KR Ramesh Kumar, who arrived at the Vidhana Soudha prior to the & # 39; deepening test in & # 39; A meeting on Monday, responding to allegations that he "deliberately" gave more time to coalition partners Congress and JD (S) to prove their majority. He was quoted by ANI as saying: "I give my thanks to them. I pray for God to give them some sense."

He also waited for the letter from the rebel MLAs to look for more time before he met him, saying, "It's all related to court proceedings. It'll all be dealt with in the court."

Congress and JD (S) MLAs, whose resignation began the last political crisis in Karnataka, have probably written to Karnataka speaker KR Ramesh Kumar to ask for four weeks before meeting with him. The Speaker has issued a call for a meeting on Tuesday about the disqualification posts by Congress leaders.

India Today reports that, in a letter to "Speaker," the MLAs have requested extra time to "consult their lawyers", and also stated that the minimum time available for MLAs is eligible for disqualification seven days, as per the law.

The fate of Congress-JD (S) government did not remain secure, even at & # 39; a third day of the debate on the confidence movement moved by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy. After ruling parties and BJP horns to debate the motion, Speaker KR gave Ramesh Kumar the procedure until Tuesday on Tuesday. "At 6 o'clock in the morning (Tuesday) the floor test will be done," he said. "

From time to time, Kumar repeatedly reminded the government of its duty to complete the trust process on Monday.

When the House of Representatives sat down after a delay of an hour of tomorrow, the Speaker made it clear: "Everyone looks at us. Please do not make me a scapegoat. Let us reach our goal," claim that the process must reach finality on Monday.

Kumaraswamy had moved the trust movement on Thursday to decide the fate of & # 39; A congressional JD (S), shocking by revolt by a section of their MLA's threatening it to survive.

The debate on the confidence movement extended until Friday, with the ruling coalition challenging the two deadlines, set by governor Vajubhai Vala – to overthrow the process by 1:30 pm on Friday and later on & # 39; 39; to complete a day. The proceedings were postponed until Monday after the Speaker endorsed a ruling by the government that the process would be completed by Monday itself.

"It will not respect the Second Chamber or me," the Speaker made his position clear, implying that the confidence vote should not be delayed further, in the midst of reports that the coalition coalition had been voting for another two days.

"We are in public life. People see. The name of the discussion, if a opinion is made that we waste time, will not be good on my part or on someone else," he said.

The position of Congress was declared during the debate on the confidence movement by former minister Krishna Byre Gowda, who said that it was taking over from "no mood" without the decision of & # 39; The Speaker of the Dismissal Question would leave the process of trusting movement without holiness.

"We are in an extraordinary situation … I ask the President to first decide on the resignation. Or else it will have no (vote of confidence) standing," Gowda said, "dragging the debate on the trust vote for the third day.

"Is it voluntary resignation and real. Are they not against democracy?" he asked.

When Gowda made an attack on the BJP-governed center in its center, it accused a "systematic attempt" to eliminate the "political opposition" in the country and the operation in Karnataka by BJP was part of just one attempt.

Demonstrating that he was an "unexplained need" in the country, Gowda told the BJP "the blood of & # 39; democracy is on
you hands. "He also called on the rebels to reconsider their position.

The BJP suspects that the mood of Congress-JD (S) government is being delayed only to buy time to recover the rebels MLA's, whose resignation has drove it down.

Earlier, the stadtholder had dismissed two missions to the chief minister, set deadlines on Friday to close down procedures, and expressed concern that the delay would only lead to the space available.

Senior BJP leaders Jagadish Shettar and Madhuswamy told the Speaker that Monday's trust movement business must be completed on its own and the debate should not be dragged over. The Speaker also issued a statement on Monday that a party chairman of the legislature has the right to issue a whip.

"Issuing of sweep is your right. Following her is leaving to MLA's. If a complaint comes to me, I will follow and decide on rules," Kumar told me The Congress Legislature Party Leader Siddaramaiah, who had a point of order, raised the issue of whip in the light of & nbsp; order of & # 39; a Supreme Court last week.

When Thursday's confidence movement was reloaded, Siddaramaiah had been pressuring for the postponement until the Speaker decided on the issue of & # 39; a keel of & # 39; pronunciation e apex court on the political crisis in one state.

Siddaramaiah had said that the 15 ruling coalition rebels MLAs were affected by the court of apex court that they could withhold from attending & # 39; a meeting of the & # 39; s meeting and asked the Speaker to decide on the fate of & # 39; a whip issued by him as CLP leader.

"If this motion is adopted, it will not be constitutional. It is contrary to the constitutional provisions. I ask you to postpone it. I want you to rule on this point," Siddaramaiah told the Speaker.

Trying to push on the government, BJP Kumaraswamy asked "dismiss and go" if he has confidence in & # 39; a constitution and people of a state. The BJP said that Kumaraswamy even moved the confidence movement, but the trust process was even longer extended.

Earlier, during the session of Monday, Kumar took a count at the policy of defect in Karnataka. "I am concerned about the people of Karnataka who have voted in their power. They will be left without MLA. If the government party has documentary evidence, please give it to me. If you Not having, then i'll have to expand it from & # 39; s records, "he said.

Leader of & # 39; the Ancient Congress and former Prime Minister Siddaramaiah also said it did & # 39; a Speaker is calling on the Confidence Movement, his party also filed a petition in the Supreme Court in & # 39; e matter.

The room was postponed at 10:30 at 10:30, but again after about two hours again. During the event, the Speaker held two meetings – one with members of BJP and JD (S) and another with Kumaraswamy, his substitute G Parameshwara and other members of Congress JD (S) – in his room.

After the Second Chamber resumed, Kumaraswamy claimed that a false letter of signature with his signature was on social media. "I was informed that I have offered my resignation to the governor. I do not know who is waiting to become Chief Minister. One has thrown my signature and spread the same to social media. I am shocked. It is a cheap tactic of politics. "

A while back, Kumar also got the & # 39; s MLA & # 39; e Congress-JD (S), increased slogans, & # 39; Save the Constitution & # 39; in Vidhana Soudha. "I am ready to sit till 12 o'clock. Why are you doing this? This is not good."

Supreme Court to plead tomorrow to hear from two independent MLAs

The Supreme Court will on Tuesday hear a fresh plea from two Independent Karnataka MLA's – R Shankar and H Nagesh – who "look" away from "stepping down" in & # 39; a settlement meeting on the confidence movement moved by Kumaraswamy.

A bank led by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on Monday refused to hear about the day of the plea. "In the name of the case, the case is taken on board. Please check the case tomorrow (Tuesday) before the appropriate bank is like the timetable," the bank said, consisting of Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose, in their order.

The two MLA's, which have been supported by the Congress-JD (S) government in Karnataka, had moved the upper court in search of a direction to the Kumaraswam government to conduct a flooring test in & # A steal meeting on or for 5 hours on Mondays.

The petition of the independent MLAs came days after Kumaraswamy and president of & # 39; a state Congress Dinesh Gundu Rao accused the top court of & # 39; e procedures of the meeting during the trust vote debate.

Kumaraswam and Rao had submitted separate requests after the deadlines set by the governor were not met to close the procedures of the confidence move.

They also searched for an explanation of July 17 from & # 39; an apex court whereby the 15 rebel congressional JD (S) MLA license is not forced to participate in & # 39; sustained meeting of & # 39; e meeting.

In Karnataka, the government of Congress-JD (S) earlier fell in July into a minority following the resignation of several dissimilar MLAs. Sixteen MLA's of the governing coalition, including thirteen Congress and three JD (S) MLAs, have offered their resignation. One of the rebel MLA's Ramalinga Reddy last week resumed his resignation, after he had been talking to Congress.

On Friday, the meeting failed to meet the deadline set by Governor Vajubhai Vala to complete the confidence vote. After this, Kumaraswamy moved the Supreme Court challenge from & # 39; The governor states that it was in violation of good law laid down by the court.

The state meeting has 225 members, including one nominated MLA. The mid-market in the 225 membership is 113. The strength of & # 39; The ruling combined is 117, alongside the Speaker.

With the support of the two independent members, the BJP opposition has 107 MLAs in the 225-member House, including the nominal MLA and Speaker.

If the resignation of 15 MLA's (12 from Congress and three of JDS) are accepted or left, the government will fall from a governing coalition to 101, thereby reducing the government to a minority .

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