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Chris Hemsworth of the Avengers is grateful for India 's beautiful chaos. View Photo | Hollywood


Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth was overwhelmed when he saw cars, rickshaws, and bicycles racing in traffic on Ahmedabad Street. He described it as "a beautiful chaos." Nevertheless, he expressed his gratitude for the love he received from the country.

Hemsworth appreciated the kindness and generosity that extended to us during the making of a small movie by the Indian people, along with three photos of Instagram, surrounded by fans, especially children.

In one image he sees a self with the crowd, while others catch him warm in the hands of a child.

Hemsworth, famous for Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, is shooting the Netflix movie Dhaka in India. The latest Instagram Story shared with him on Sunday night shows the camera panning from the back seat of his car to the outside scene.

"Beautiful chaos." He wrote the first story, mimicking the dissonance of the horns and saying "beep".

In another video, "Traffic is flowing," he says, "This is a good system, we are at the intersection, no one is actually moving, our car is going to the other side of the road, what is going on? … I have horns. "

Hemsworth flew to India last week. He started filming in Dhaka on November 3rd and turned the set on or off with the Instagram followers.

He particularly liked the "welcome package" in the hotel room. It contained an eaten chocolate frame with his Tor look and a chocolate version of Thor's iconic hammer.

The movie is likely to be filmed in Mumbai, which is reported in an action movie starring a character who must free an Indian boy kidnapped.

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First published: November 6, 2018 08:54 IST

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