Friday , August 12 2022

Ballari's Reddy was arrested in 600 crore Ponzi plan case | India News


The Spanish Central Police Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIA) arrested Canatakas and Ballari Baladi, Gali Janardhana Reddy, after arresting his role in the R 600cro Ponzi scheme at Ambidant Marketing Pvt Ltd. The interrogation began around 4 pm on Saturday and continued until 2 pm on Sunday.

CCB requested the arrest of Reddy, who was indicted for six defendants in this case, but the magistrate was held in the judiciary for 14 days by November 24th. CCB is illegally using the name of Red 20 ED 20, but they still do not disclose any evidence.

The ACCB survey claimed that Reddy and his aide, Mehfuz Ali Khan, had received an Rs 18 crore worth 57 kg from Ambidant Marketing. He "negotiated" with Syed Ahmed Fareed, an ED official, to counter the company's promoters. He bailed on the case of Kando, who was interrogated with him for alleged involvement in the case.

The interrogation proceeded with the previous case, including several cases claimed by the CBI and income tax authorities. Reddy, accused of multiple malicious mining frauds in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, was arrested on September 5, 2011 by the CBI. During his case in the CBI court, he was bailed by SC only in 2015. Throughout the question, Reddy has pleaded not guilty and declared that he would not play a role in the role of Ambbyant, the Ponzi scheme.

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