Tuesday , May 30 2023

Australia's courteous approach will not have a passionate impact. Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri


But before the departure, Kohli said at a press conference he was looking for a sleigh-free series in Australia.

"They were very immature things I used to eat early, so I pump and I can not feel all the pressure and concentration," he said.

Shastri added that his team has been defeated by defeats from other test countries for four years as well as in 2018, making it the current team well placed for success in Australia.

"I think we're seeing the way they've been doing in the last four to five years and the way they've played in Australia last," he said.

"The core of the team is almost identical, so if you look at it empirically, you've had a lot of experience in the past four years.

"If you've learned to make mistakes on an earlier tour, you should be in a good position.

"There are efforts to improve when you go abroad and there are not so many aspects (consistently winning teams) when you see a team that travels the world.

"Australia did it for a while in the 90s, South Africa did it for a while, but in addition to the two, in the last five and six years it tells us which team traveled well."

India missed a series of challenging tests earlier this year in South Africa and the UK.

India is still winning trials in 11 trials since 1947 and lost 2-0 in the summer of 2014-15. Loss has announced his shock retirement that MS Dhoni handed over to Captain Virat Kohli after Boxing Day Test.

However, Shastri thinks this breakthrough is possible.

"When you look at a test match, the score line does not tell you the whole story," he said. "There were some very strict test games, and we lost a lot of big moments.

"We could have made all the differences in one hour in four days, no matter whether it was South Africa or England, so we have to learn that."

Kohli's team India arrived in Brisbane on Friday and they will travel through Australia on their first T20I in a three-game match at Gabba on Wednesday.

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