Wednesday , March 29 2023

Women's Water: Dunaújváros in a dramatic battle, the European Super Cup


With the victory of Dunaújváros's women's squad, the European Super Cup ended with a five-meter victory with Russia's Kirishi after the regular 11-11 regular season.

Historical success of Dunaújváros (Photo: Facebook)

The LEN Cup Winners The New Town team started out with a competition against Kirisi, who dominated Euroliga's second and third place and won the three-way dominance. Dunaújváros scored a huge goal (Vályi Vanda was 59 seconds ahead), 5m was decided, and Alexandra Kiss made two Russian attempts. The Trophy was first conquered by the Hungarian Ensemble.

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KINYEF KIRISI (Russian) -DUNAÚJVÁROSI UNIVERSITY MAARSK-GRAPHICS 11-11 (2-2, 3-1, 5-4, 1-4) – 5 meters: 2-4

KIRIS. V: Margeta (Slovenia), Colombo (Italy)
KIRIS: Karnauh – PROKOFJEVA 2, Krimer, Szoboljeva 1, Szimanovics 2, RIZSKOVA 2, Zubkova 2, Djachenko, Hamza Zeva, Kiriljcseva 1, Jakuseva, Ivanova 1. coach : Aleksandr Kavanov
Dunnowy: Aarts – MENCZINGER 2, Ziegler 1, GURISATTI 3, Mahieu 1, GARDA 2, VARLII V. 2. how : KISS A. (goalkeeper), Huszti, Luka, B. Horváth, Szellák Cs., Brezovszki. coach : Attila Mihok
Objective – Human advantage: 10/4. 8/4
Goal – Double Profit: Assume 1/0. –
Goal – 5 meters: -, or. 1/1
Kipontozódott: Ivanova (24 points), Zipler (25 points)
Aleksandr Kavanov:
"We've gotten stronger in the whole game, but we have not been able to concentrate in the end, so perhaps patience has disappeared.
Attila Mohawk: "Last quarter we had to face a lot of danger, but there was a goal, but we swam, drive, shoot, and move on. Kirishi is very strong and huge, but we were able to defeat it.

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