Saturday , August 13 2022

Women's Handball BL: FTC-CSM Bucharest


FTC-Rail Cargo Hungarian receives CSC's Bucharest team in the fifth round of women's handball Champions League Group D. Track the evolution of your game with real-time text messaging!

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Percentage ratio
First half
10 minutes :
Pena betur Kurt Beach is 7 meters away. Grubisic replaces Ungureanu but does not have to defend because it throws it at Kovacsics. Hornys dancing, the judge gathers the ball.
9 minutes: Pena scoops the ball from the top of the ball when it shoots and sells it to the customer.
8 minutes:
Again, the judges regard Ferencaros as a challenge. Kurtovic But the ball goes in. 5-4
7 minutes: Pen gets ball from Danish referee. Hornys becomes yellow after a little hard on Lekic. Four For the first time. 5-3
6 minutes: Another good defense against Cvijic, Kovacsics And Dragan Djukic, who leads Bucharest, is demanding time. Radicsevics From the right, knock the long upper corner. 5-2
5 minutes: Pena
His pass ends again. 4-1
4 minutes:
We could not find the Schatzl goal on the left side. Mehmedovics Get your first guest. 3-1
3 minutes:
Radicsevics tries to attack him sharply, but the judge defends him.
Min: Neagu's Cvijics have a bad shot and the home team can attack. Kovacsics is fighting for a week. Pena Sold. 3-0
1 minute: Half
The judge begins to defend Mehmedovics' chariots. Pena Fradi leads two more. 2-0

Girl champion
Group Sheet, Round 5
Group D
FTC Rail Cargo Hungary – CSM Bucharest (Romania) (TV: Sport1)
17:00: Bietigheim (German) -Vipers Kristiansand (Norwegian)

Group D status
1. FTC – RAIL CARGO Hungary 4 3 (One) 119-117 +2 6
2. CSM Bucharest (Romanian) 4 this this 119-119 0 4
3. Vipers Christiansan (Norway) 4 (One) (One) this 111-109 +2 3
4. Bietigheim (German) 4 (One) (One) this 112-116 -4 3

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