Sunday , October 17 2021

Windows 11 does not support Chinese PCs


The use of TPM chips has been banned in the country for twenty-two years.

Widely unknown facts came to light in the days after the release of Windows 11, according to a report by the South China Morning Post, Chinese users could not use the new operating system at a theoretical level. This is because the Chinese government banned the TPM security ship as early as 1999, for reasons of national security, so computers sold in the country do not have one or are permanently disabled in their motherboard monitoring software.

This is what a classic TPM security chip that plugs into a motherboard looks like. Processors that have been on the market for the last five to six years have now integrated this hardware.Source: MSI

Of course, at the time that TPM 2.0 requires, a workable technical limitation can be avoided by changing the Windows 11 installation kit and, in the case of an upgrade to Windows 10, by editing the registry to stop the installation.

In China, the locally developed Trusted Cryptography Module (TCM) chip is used as an alternative to the TPM security chip, but Microsoft has not yet indicated that it will be compatible with Windows 11. Another good question is how many computers are available in the consumer brand have TCM completely available ..

It is not yet clear how Microsoft intends to address the issue. The company apparently does not have too many options other than not requiring a security chip for local PCs.

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