Thursday , January 27 2022

The traffic went down, the index grew


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With a recurrent treaty, the period of the BSE Stock Exchange (BSE) this week, BUX hit 39.379.78 on Friday 51.39 points, 0.13 percent higher than the last value of # 39; a week.

The exchange rate was 55.51 billion, after the previous week, more than 88.76 billion. The leading shares were mixed, Magyar Telekom and Mol strengthened, OTP and Richter expected this week. There was a silent trade on BSE on Monday, with a nice division of BUX, while the price of Mol and OTP falls slightly, while Magyar Telekom and Richter were moderated. On Tuesday, with the European buses, the Hungarian market is also falling, with drop in # 39; a US market. Mol and Magyar Telekom were closed, while OTP and Richter are more than one percent. On Wednesday, in # good international abstinence, the video bandwidth grew! The Hungarian market, with OTP almost 1.8 percent, Magyar Telekom more than 1.1 percent. On Thursday, the merchants of America are closed by Thanksgiving Day, and trading on & nbsp; The European buses were also subdivided. The leading powers in Western Europe have been shed, and the Hungarian stock market was damaged by a slight increase.

Apart from OTP, the leading shares are reinforced in comparison to closing the previous day. On Friday, with a low traffic, close the BUX with a small skating rink. Trade in the US market was short, the investments did not come back on Thursday afternoon; This has an impact on market marks in Europe, and probably does not mean meaningful movements on & # 39; the Hungarian beard.

This week, the price of Magyar Telekom grew by 4.59 percent, closed on Friday at 444.5 pieces, with a weekly fee of nearly 2.4 billion in front.

Mol was grown at 1.22 percent this week, trading in 3148 forks, with a weekly magazine that has 11.2 billion shares.

The discount of OTP is weak by 0.78 percent, on Friday at 11 380 HUF, the weekly newspaper was more than HUF 24.1 billion.

Richter's prize hit this week in 0.38 percent, the paper closed on Friday at 5300 contributions, with a weekly magazine of more than 4.2 billion prizes.

Smaller and medium size index, BUMIX at 3848.66 closed on Friday, 10.9 points for the previous week, 0.28 percent higher.

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