Sunday , March 7 2021

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If we previously reported, it is also issued as a millionaire Lajos Szögi was sentenced to 17 years in prison for first-ever. Professor Tiszavasvár, Lajos Szögi, was killed on October 15, 2006, after driving a 11-year-old girl from Olaszliszka with his car. Eight men were convicted, the former accused the sister of a brother of # 39; the girl, Dezső H. It was. He was released in 2023, and he was released in July.

Dezső H., as hundreds of Hungarian prisoners, has taken a lawsuit against the state, to which they have not been much changed. You win the regulation, you can damage the prison with millions.

The widow and vocalist of a teacher who was brutally executed with cruelty was asserted by more than 40 million damage to the court. László Helmeczy The family lawyer told us earlier that a penny was not paid by the murderers of # 39; the teachers, so he is used by the foundation he founded to help the family in trouble.

After Bors, Laszlo Helmeczy said he was soon informed about the compensation of Dezső, he put the debt in a letter. The family commentator stated:

The eight prisoners are common and universally liable for damage. For example, if one of them loses the lottery, then the full compensation for the Szögi family can be carried out. The news is disappointing that Dezső H. Died may choose a discount. He never tried to keep his debt to the angels, the expression of his regret.

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