While other companies’ browsers can be downloaded to Apple mobile phones, many use the built-in Safari. However, there was a big change with the advent of the new system: the head went to the bottom. Fortunately, the original state can be restored in a few moments.

With the advent of iOS 15, Apple has taken a very bold step: its browser, Safari, has moved the title bar from top to bottom on mobile phones, as they claim to make it easier to do with one hand. However, the change did not win the favor of all iPhone owners, who several stated that they need to re-learn how the browser works. However, this is not necessary at all: we can return to the previous format with a few keystrokes.

You can choose to place the title bar on a single web page (currently being viewed) by opening the desired page, and then selecting the “aA” icon in the url field. Show the top title bar option. If you want the bar to always be on top, navigate to iPhone a Settingsthen select the Safari panel a little further on. You can see various settings in this section, but what you need in this situation is a Since menu: here is Slider should be selected, as this will ensure that the title bar of all tabs opened in the browser is in the usual place, above:

So it was, so it became


Useful Safari settings include the ability for the title bar to take over the colors specific to that page. Of course, not everyone can enjoy it too, so we can turn it off if we want. (This feature is enabled by default.) Click Enable the use of site tones to find as. The setting above, a Horizontal leaf row and it’s good for the browser to show or hide the title bar, even if someone scrolls horizontally with the phone down. When you deactivate the feature, the bar disappears every time you tap a mobile on a web page.

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