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Retail market is not dry in November – Market & Profit


The November November sales of domestic retailers did not reflect a value of 13, but the demand for baked souls increased 12% from October to October 2017. "Dryest" is the southwestern part of Hungary.

The "Dry November (Hung November)" initiative is facing retail data in Hungary. The amount of souls for both value and quantity in that month is a rising trend, peaking in December and December. Nielsen's survey shows that at this point, the average monthly spend for your store is twice that.

Photo: Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay

The trend has not changed over the years. In November 2015, we purchased £ 105 million, £ 650 million, and $ 755 million by 2017.

Each year, Hungarians buy HUF of 84 billion euros in 2017, with a 10% increase in value means about 19 million liters of concentrated sugar.

The number of Hungarian shops decreases

Recent statistics show that the number of retail outlets, restaurants and retail outlets decreased by 23,000 between 2010 and 2017, – said

We do not narrow the size: 0.5-0.69 liters are premiums and cut 35% of the overall market, but 0.7-0.99 liter bottles (33%) are also in the corner. Instant-consuming mini-packs (less than 0.2 liters), commonly referred to as "spikes," account for 14% of sales and more than a fifth of annual sales.

Budapest and its surrounding areas account for 37% of the total value of the store, the driest part of which is in the southwestern part of Hungary, accounting for only 10% of the turnover.

Shops over 400 square meters account for more than half of the value turnover, while small stores under 200 square meters sell less than one-third of the value turnover (usually small sizes are commonly used).

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