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A serious misunderstanding, a stupidity moment. H. Kitti is a local point for events like a 11-year-old child, and as a grown-up woman, he would change the past.

A serious misunderstanding, a stupidity moment. H. Kitti is a local point for events like a 11-year-old child, and as a grown-up woman, he would change the past.

On a number of days, the focus of '& # 39; was important to & # 39; The issue of a Italian lynching case, to make it a great destruction caused by the prime accusation, young Dezső H., five million pieces paid for his poor housing. Bors went yesterday to Olaszliszka, we tried to talk about the feelings of someone who started the terrible events.

With Kitti's wife and three-year-old daughter, moved from Olaszliszka. You can not change it in the past

The 11-year-old girl was a family mother

She can not sleep yet in her sister's house

H. Kitti was a 11-year-old woman next to the car of Lajos Szögi, and she fell, and her family believed that the teacher was running over her. Kittin's not bend here, Lajos Szögi was bombarded by the angry mob with 140 kills and kicks. She is now a 23-year-old adult woman, has her own family and moved to Italy. His daughter is three years old, she lives, and lives in acoustic work. Our room in our home was funded by the low black-haired girl at the gate. He said it was so long that he could not remove the events sufficiently. He did not want to make a statement, but some thoughts with our shared contributor.

"Of course, I'm really worried about what happened, I would change the past as it could." People do not feel comfortable with me in everyday life, what they think of me, but I forget it as soon as possible. my friends of Italian lecture, but I can not sleep there, the window looks at Lajos Szögi, "Kitti said, it was proof he did not know about his brother brother, and he had long spoken to his brother .

Today, the monument of Lajos Szögi is at the site of the lynch

Dezső H. can not be happy for the millions

According to information from Bors, Desső Hodor's compensation was done at the Szegedi Tribunal. Our request was confirmed by the press release of the tribunal: the case was in progress at the Tribunal Prison of the Szeged Tribunal and no final decision was reached on 29 October 2018. It is not possible to provide details of the decision. In general, however, it is reported that there are different compulsory procedures in & # 39; the Szeged Tribunal, based on the conditions set out there have fundamental rights.

If stated, "the creation includes the absence of a legal space in the enforcement of a convicted or other occupant and any other circumstance that is likely to be connected to the prohibition of # 39 , a cruel, cruel, inhuman or disproportionate treatment, especially the absence of separation of the toilets by an incredible ventilation, lighting, whirling or insect damage. "

Lynching works for washers

Bors learned from one of the & quot; love of & quot; The lover named Desső worked in Star Dorm. The man looks forward to his release, and in his life, his partner has kept him in mind who has always tried him. He does not have any problems with his behavior, so he hopes to get it from time to time, that is, after July.

He was convicted for 17 years in prison, without concessions in 2023 to punish him. Two other linters are previously released. According to our information they both live in a family, one of them moving abroad.

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