Thursday , August 5 2021

Metro Exodus and several other big guns will be there at the Humble Choice Games in May

  • Metro Exodus was included in the May Humble Choice selection
  • We will also be able to beat Darksiders Genesis and Hellpoint
  • The May package will be tightened on May 4th

The Humble Bundle site usually offers great games for sale for more than a fair price, and there are no indications that the authorities will not lie to themselves in May either. It was recently revealed that next month’s Humble Choice selection included a total of $ 260 in play, with production set to appear in the 2019 Metro Exodus.

However, we will not only hit the huge post-apocalyptic FPS of 4A Games next month, as the selection includes Darksiders Genesis, a very enjoyable side ride to the deservedly popular Darksiders universe, such as Hellpoint, a sci-fi / horror / soulful the hybrid. In addition to these, there will be nine more games in the package, but the Humble Bundle team has not yet pulled the veil from them.

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