Sunday , January 23 2022

Mesterházy was very angry at Christmas conditions.


"Ultimatum!" – Mesterházy was very upset about Christmas conditions.

As we have seen, MSZP and Dialogue have made a common list for the European elections (EP) elections in May 2019. European allies await joining other parties, NGOs and trade unions. MSZP Chairman Bertalan Tóth (Chairman of Ágnes Kunhalmi and Gergely Karácsony, Co-Chair of the Dialogue) was released on Saturday after the decision was announced.

The next Sunday after the Dialogue Congress, Gergely Karácsony said Parliament decided on the party's political strategy. The talks are scheduled to begin as MSZPs in next year's EP elections, but have been trying to develop a broad "European allies". He explained that although some of the opposition parties are preparing separate lists, civil society organizations and social movements are thinking in the same way as the MSZP Dialogue. He said he wanted to get maximum social support for his EP list.

Other co-chairs, Tímea Szabó, stressed that if Gergely Gergely becomes Zugló's mayor next year, he could imagine the policy of the ally, and allies support it at the local, regional and national levels.

The latter dismissed the guarantee of the former president of MSZP. Mesteházy attended Monday posting the following entry on their Facebook page.

At the Mszp Board meeting yesterday, Gergely Christmas did not speak any conditions 48 hours ago! In fact, he called the common list "obviously", "obviously", "self-explanatory". I thought about it.)

Today they gave us an ultimatum … There is only a common list in return for the market place in Zugló! Why is not Gergely Christmas honest with us? Are you watching us? He demands the most elections in Budapest. But it is about the lion market because you have to guarantee the market in advance …

Then, in the aftermath, Dialogue, our main ally of the media, The party we did not have a faction and its support is far from a 2 pound dog party, momentum … not to mention DK. With these "sincere and strong" partners, Fidesz is sentenced to death in the EU and local elections. Keep conversation and alliances for a long time! "

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