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Index – International – National unions announce commercial unions due to the right of ownership


On December 8, the Hungarian Currency Federation announced a nationwide demonstration to see that they had sufficient evidence of the legislative process, reported ATV News.

According to them, the two deputies of the government, Lajos Kósa and Kristóf Szatmáry, are completely inexorable and resist against their own aldermen, when the parliament accepts the amendment of the law, the employers can, after their reliable, compulsory laborers work, and that they are only paid for two or three years.

The proposal of Fidesz around the work code of # 39; to change the current 250 hours to 400 hours, would increase the maximum amount of extra-working period per year. In addition, it would be a place of one year instead of one year for a period of three years, where companies must count on the transfer and provide days for their employees.

A simpler simplification of employees would ask more victories for the boss, and therefore more money will be transferred, but not a summary of & # 39; to transfer the transfer and holiday age.

The proposal was started on Tuesday by parliament. The debate with serious opposition and lurking on his laptop – with László Csárdi Antal said he was playing Tetris – was a place with Lajos Kósa.

One and the only illustrated draftsman, Lajos Kósa, said Tuesday in the Lower House that this proposal would only reinforce the economy and on 39, the new work. "When you see armageddon, treat, expectation," he thinks without meaning. He made a lot of laughs when the opposition asked him to support Kosovo's proposal.

This proposal is a "slave law"

After his death, the opponents spoke.

Tamás Pintér from Jobbik responded to the proposal when they voice, the average worker will be less likely to work with his family than he or she is conquered in which he can be physically ill .

It is true that the year ends families in 2018, but no one expected 2019 a year against families.

According to Pintér, unemployed unemployed must be lifted, but the loans, and perhaps the Hungarians live abroad, must also come home and stop bad reality. He also proposes to Kos and another entrepreneur of the proposal, Kristóf Szatmáry, to come into factories to work for a minimum, and maybe they will find out how their proposal was to employees.

Tamás Harangozó asked MSZP to ask for Kos:

Are not they scared of you? 400 hours of transmitting After a month of vacation? Are you here? With her military leader Prime Minister?

Ildikó Bangóné Borbély, also MSZP, immediately began to tell him he was "hate" Kora because it is not worth it. He called attention to the fact that in total "four parliamentary Fidesz representatives were given here from # 133, as late as in debate – Tuesday night

Four from Fidesz are transfers.

An hour later, only two of them stayed.

Then he read about the love of the family of # 39; One year, he said, "This meal," it is that everyone has the right to bring a loving family, that is now totally against this proposal.

Antal Csardi, LMP, paid attention to Christian Szatmáry's absence, or he said, "I think he will improve his online cash register". "

Csárdi said: "One year is 52 weeks, to decide on two thirds," it came out of numbers that a conviction means in & # 39; A week plus one day (halfway between sand), there they are not even paid, only three years later.

My representative, if you receive your retirement in November 2021, would you lose your mouth, would not it be?

He asked Kosa the question.

The hear Bernadett Act, an independent MEP, warmly welcomed the parliamentary debate in # 39; the afternoon in the press conference: he protested, fought his hands, as he said, against ' slave labor & # 39; and on Tuesday he would be coming to the parliament in the afternoon.

His promises were more or less resold: while the cellphone was at home, the driving speech continued: he asked Kora to ask him to see his computer, when he had given his name "this monster". Kosa received a great applause when he was hit a while and then buried in his laptop.

According to Wind, people should get their net salaries, "They can buy milk, buy bread, buy", and refer to the nostalgia of sleeping # 39; the mother of Kos.

He asked the opposition, such as independent Volner János, that if this proposal will continue, contact the referring party or it does not lead to the Constitutional Law.

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