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Index – Culture – Ákos betrays because his children once raised him

Ákos Kovács was a guest on Pesti TV a few days ago. The Kossuth award-winning songwriter-singer arrived at the show Political Hobbyist in connection with his new song, where, in addition to his fresh song, of course, other topics were also discussed. In the first round, Zsolt Jeszenszky asked about the epidemic, in which the singer was also involved: the Index also wrote that Ákos had previously suffered from a covid infection, which he had previously reported in a YouTube video . Then he said he had been suffering from the disease for six weeks and also had near-death experiences. Today’s interview also revealed whether he had already received the vaccine.

I did not receive a fax

He began, explaining that he had recently contracted the infection. “I have been told many times that I have an antibody code, but now I have more and now I can not get it because of it,” he continued, adding: he does not want to talk about his illness for long. Although many celebrities tour by catching the virus, unlike them, he does not want to pity himself.

He would more often comment on the epidemic situation and the changes it had brought about. He said they also found it strange that their children were at home and that online education also brought an unusual situation. He said many parents suffered from the fact that the whole family was constantly together.

“I also saw in my wife that she was watching the news a lot now. He was surprised that only the lower could go (to school) because he wanted the upper and the high school students to go too. Now my grandmother Anna is going to college without even meeting her classmates. This is not a life for her. Of course, everyone is waiting for this situation to be resolved, to be resolved as much as possible, ‘Ákos explained, adding that his recently released song Up with Hearts also welcomes such a situation.

Staying with the family, it was also discussed that the time would come for the children to enter a so-called rebellious age. This is exactly the situation with her right now: sometimes your teenage girl asks questions about what she has been through at home.

Man tries to teach him the way he lives. Now that has been right for a while, but let’s say I also have a 16 year old child and I see that he has been around for a while now that the values ​​he got from home are in question. Fortunately, it is not right

Ákos explained, and then told a story about. Despite the fact that at the age of 53 he said it was no longer primarily for young people, he was invited to a whole school to talk to students. To speak against her, he throws in a topic that was of great importance to that age group at the time: he brought up Greta Thunberg, with whom she thought the children were being deceived. However, the thing did not bake too well.

I saw the dismayed looks that strongly resembled the dismayed look of my own children when they brought this topic to the Sunday table.

He said, and then the question arose later how it all happened to her:

Adolescence comes with the children who occasionally bring nonsense home and then lie on the Sunday dining table because they know very well what the conzi fater’s reaction is at this point: he gets up and starts preaching with a purple head. On the one hand they laugh that they managed to conquer the old man again, and on the other hand they blame the argument system, that the next time they talk about it with their contemporaries, they can borrow one or the other of it argument that they find useful.

He explained, adding that even if they did not confess, it was certain what his children were listening to. The rest of the show also discussed, among other things, what the singer thinks about democracy. He said how important he considered debate and dialogue, and how he saw the country in terms of political discussion.

I do not believe there would be a dictatorship here, I do not think so. Whoever dictates does not know what a dictatorship is. On the other hand, it is true that Hungary is still an island of peace in terms of political discussion. I think this should be saved.

Ákos claims that if someone had a different opinion, it was not a problem at all, for him violence was what caused a problem. He noted that although many consider him a judge, he admits that he is conservative because right-wing meanings mean something different. However, there are right-wing people with whom he does not consider himself minded, or even finds it difficult to stay with them.

I would rather believe that there is such a thing as conservatism. There is one who has a conservative attitude towards the world, towards life, towards values. I try to represent this, so I get a lot of nice and not nice.

You can watch the full interview here:

(Image cover: Concert by singer-performer Ákos Kovács at the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena on December 12, 2014. Photo: Balázs Mohai / MTI)

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